"Its unbelievable... I’d definitely recommend Somnowell." - Channel 5 - Britain's Loudest Snorer


With a discreet and comfortable
lifetime cure

  • Designed by Prof. Simon Ash 
  • Custom-made for you
  • Slimline and comfortable
  • Hygienic and long-lasting

A lifetime solution to problematic snoring

In Partnership with VitalSleep

Results of the Somnowell device, using the SnoreLab app, show a dramatic reduction in snoring

Without the Somnowell device

With the Somnowell device

“I downloaded the SnoreLab app and have been using it over the last couple of weeks. I started at 59 without the mouth guard and after using the Somnowell registered scores as low as 4. I’m also finding that I’m waking up less and feeling more rested in the morning, so it appears to be also helping my mild sleep apnoea." - 50 year old man

93% Success Rate

5 Year Guarantee

Better Sleep = Better Health

Est. 2010 by Prof. Simon Ash

Registered Medical Device

Over 30,000 People Helped

about the Somnowell Chrome

The Somnowell Chrome

Handmade from a medical super alloy, the Somnowell Chrome is a lifetime solution (lasting 10+ years), and the most slim-line, comfortable, and hygienic device available. Made from chrome cobalt alloy, this proven material has been used for over 90 years in dentures. It has the same qualities as gold that make it ideal for long-term use in the mouth.

Professor Simon Ash

The Somnowell Chrome was designed by Visiting Professor Simon Ash, a Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years of clinical experience.

The Somnowell Chrome is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK, and was been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA.

Step 1

Speak to a Somnowell expert to find out if we can help you

Step 2

Visit a Somnowell Practitioner for an assessment and measurements

Step 3

Our laboratory designs and creates your custom Somnowell device

Step 4

Return to Somnowell Practitioner for fitting (you may need to return again for adjustments)

Step 5

You go home and sleep happily ever after (we have a 90%+ success rate)


BBC1 Goodnight Britain

Sian Williams investigates the sleep problems plaguing Britain's worst sleepers.

"It makes a big difference on our whole lives basically, actually waking up feeling really good"

Channel 5 - Britain's Loudest Snorer

Dr Christian Jessen tries to provide some aid to some serious snorers, including Michelle, who is suffering from very loud snoring, causing her to sleep in a seperate room to her husband.

“Its unbelievable. If you're burdened with snoring I’d definitely recommend Somnowell.” 

LondonLife TV

Two Consultant ENT Surgeons, Mr. Mike Dilkes and Mr. Sherif Habashi, also give their opinion of the Somnowell Chrome appliance.

“a 93% success rate”

ITV This Morning

Dr Chris Steel from the ITV This Morning show looks at the Somnowell and other anti-snoring devices.

"wake up feeling refreshed having had a good night's sleep"


Jonathan Davies OBE (Former British Rugby Player)

"My snoring has been eliminated and my wife and I now benefit from high quality sleep!"

“it is worth every penny” - British former Rugby Player Jonathan Davies OBE

“Having tried and tested over the counter plastic devices, I realised that I needed a more comfortable and long term solution to my snoring issue. The Somnowell device is seamless and I can hardly notice that I am wearing it. My snoring has been eliminated and my wife and I now benefit from high-quality sleep! I would recommend this device to anyone who suffers from snoring - it is worth every penny. There are over 300 Somnowell Practitioners in the UK. I ordered my device through Dr Matthew White at The Whites Dental Centre, Cardiff.”

“has certainly worked for me!” - Michelle Norman as seen on Channel 5

“When I started my snoring journey I was using the snore lab app on my phone, this would record my snoring and give me accurate readings on how loud my snoring was. I peaked at 146 (the average person has a reading of 25) My reading is now 17 all thanks to the Somnowell Mandibular advancement device and a stone and a half weight loss. I wear it every night. I now sleep back in my own bed with Ken and I don’t snore. Its unbelievable. If your burdened with snoring I’d definitely recommend Somnowell. The Somnowell Chrome device has certainly worked for me!”

“from Pneumatic drill to dormouse” - Mrs J. from Nottingham, England

“Having snored very loudly and sounding like a pneumatic drill for many years, I have given my husband many a sleepless night. I decided to invest in a somnowell device. I have had a bulky plastic device previously which was uncomfortable and just did not work. This custom made piece of metalwork is easy to tolerate and it works!
With these devices you get what you pay for and this, I believe, is well worth the investment.
I do occasionally snore just a little if I have had alcohol or am exceptionally tired- but absolutely nothing like the previous level of noise I made.
I was also concerned that the device might damage my veneers but this is not the case.”