The 18 Carat Gold Anti-Snoring Device Used by Royalty and Celebrities

Somnowell launches a new tailor made oral device for snoring and sleep apnoea made from gold or chrome cobalt alloy. The Somnowell was invented by Dr Simon Ash, a leading Consultant Orthodontist from the UK.

London, April 16th, 2012 - A leading Consultant Orthodontist from the UK, Dr Simon Ash, has launched a new tailor made oral device for snoring and sleep apnoea made from gold or chrome cobalt alloy. The Somnowell offers improved comfort and hygiene compared with plastic anti-snore devices. This coincides with National Stop Snoring Week (April 23-27) which aims to raise awareness of the growing problem of snoring and sleep apnoea.

Snoring and sleep apnoea are on the rise due to an increasingly overweight population. Fatty tissue around the neck can lead to a reduced airway that vibrates causing the snoring noise, or collapses completely causing the person to stop breathing (sleep apnoea). Left untreated sleep apnoea is known to increase the risk of stroke and is believed to reduce life expectancy by up to 10 years. Sleep apnoea also leads to daytime tiredness which decreases productivity and can be dangerous if driving or using heavy machinery.

The Somnowell is a small device worn in the mouth during sleep. It gently holds the lower jaw in the ‘recovery position’ and keeps the airway open.

Dr Simon Ash, the Somnowell inventor said “For years I made the bulky plastic devices which are still patients only other choice today. They are difficult for people to tolerate in the mouth and they become unsightly and smelly before eventually needing to be replaced.”.

Realising that the plastic was the problem Dr Ash began to look at other materials. He said “Gold and chrome cobalt are already well established in dentistry for the best quality crowns and dentures. These materials are far more hygienic and longer lasting than any plastic. They also overcome the main obstacle with this well proven treatment option, that is getting the patient to stick with wearing the device. The Somnowell is small, discreet and extremely comfortable. In the end using gold and chrome cobalt was a natural choice”.

He added “I have been successfully using the Somnowell for over 5 years now, and in fact my first chrome cobalt devices from over 10 years ago are still in use today. We have made a gold Somnowell, but normally it is made from chrome cobalt which looks like silver and is more affordable. Some people say it looks like mouth jewellery.”.

Dr Ash has successfully treated hundreds of people from around the world, including royalty, celebrities and many medical professionals. One patient, a Professor of Medicine from London, said “When I consulted a colleague and expert in sleep medicine concerning my persistent fatigue and inability to concentrate I was not amused to hear he considered I needed to use a mandibular advancement device. Using the Somnowell system was not only straightforward but also life-transforming, enabling me to sleep soundly and to awake refreshed and ready for work for the first time in years."

The Somnowell is recommended by ENT Surgeons and Respiratory Physicians. Recently the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association began offering the Somnowell via their website. The Somnowell is available from over 250 dentists across the UK, details can be found at

About Somnowell

Somnowell is a UK company specializing in the manufacture of bespoke chrome cobalt oral devices for snoring, sleep apnoea, bruxism (teeth grinding), TMJD (jaw pain) and orthodontic retention. Somnowell is headed by the inventor Dr Simon Ash, a leading Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience.

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