Somnowell Chrome for TMJ

TMJ Treatments

The Somnowell Chrome has proved to be a highly effective treatment for TMJ. The creation of each Somnowell Chrome involves precise jaw measurement and alignment techniques normally used for complex dental and surgical procedures. The use of these sophisticated measurement and replication tools enables the Somnowell Chrome to precisely place the individuals jaw in its optimum balanced and therapeutic position.

By holding the lower jaw forward during sleep in a symmetrically balanced relation to the base of the skull, this may unload the joints and discourage the clenching and tooth grinding habits. See warantee / guatrantee conditions.

More than just TMJ

TMJ is often directly linked to bruxism (teeth grinding) and the Somnowell Chrome is an extremely effective solution for this condition. Being made from a medical super alloy, the Somnowell Chrome is significantly stronger than any plastic equivelent. Controlling bruxism means a less disturbed night's sleep and relief to the muscles of the face and jaw joints. if you happen to snore or suffer from sleep apnoea the Somnowell Chrome can effectively treat these conditions at the same time. However the forces applied by the jaws are enormous and may cause the device to be distorted or damaged which may adversely affect the fit and success of the device. See guarantee conditions.