Somnowell Chrome - Practitioner Testimonials

Dr. Brian Clarke, Bayswater Dental Practice in London

"I’ve treated nearly 200 patients with the Somnowell ... I highly recommend it"

"Being a snorer myself, I'd been involved with Mandibular Advancement Appliances for some years. Plastic appliances were "a mouthful" and uncomfortable, aggravated dribbling over the pillow and made speech near impossible. They were not well tolerated.

Then I was introduced to the Somnowell Chrome … it was a revelation. Over the last ten years, I've treated nearly 200 patients with the Somnowell MAA. Even patients that had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and snoring and advised to use CPAP, have been successfully using the Somnowell MAA. I highly recommend it."

Dr. Jason Greenwood, The Stafford Dental Practice

"The best solution"

I have been providing Somnowell devices for almost 10 years. Without a doubt it is the most useful aid to a good sleep for both the patient and (especially) their partner. A solution that almost always works first time and rarely needs attention is a perfect solution for everyone.

Dr Graham Murphy, CFE Dental in Newcastle

"Somnowell represents the best mandibular advancement appliance on the market."

"We have worked with Somnowell for over 9 years, Somnowell has benefited many CFE Dental patients, helping patients with their snoring and quality of sleep. Somnowell represents the best mandibular advancement appliance on the market. Satisfaction with the appliance is always high."

A Specialist Orthodontist from London, England

"Most effective mandibular advancement device"

"I have been using custom-made plastic mandibular advancement devices in the management of snoring and sleep apnoea since 1999, and whereas results have been consistently positive in patients who wore the appliances, they had the following limitations:

1) They were relatively unhygienic, discoloured and developed a smell after some time in the oral environment;
2) The thickness of plastic required to make them strong enough to last, made them quite bulky, so encroached on the tongue space and necessitated a larger anterior movement of the mandible to make them effective;
3) The vertical opening of the mouth caused by the thickness of the plastic and necessity to maintain some opening at the front of the mouth to maintain an airway, was often beyond the patient's capacity to maintain a lip seal - this meant a greater likelihood of a dry mouth and dribbling throughout the night;
4) Changing the amount of mandibular advancement was always difficult;
5) The plastic often degraded over time and breakages were common after a few years;
6) The various designs all limited lateral movements of the TMJ to the extent that they approached fixation, and I have reservations about the long term effects of this on TMJ health.

Then the Somnowell appliance came along (thanks to Simon) and addressed all of the above, and the feedback from patients has been unanimous - it is the least uncomfortable, most effective mandibular advancement device currently available…"

A Consultant Orthodontist from a major UK sleep unit

"By far the best appliance."

"I have been working in a major sleep studies unit, fitting a variety of mandibular advancement splints, for the last 17 years. The Somnowell appliance is by far the best appliance I have ever used.Some of my long-standing patients who have struggled with other custom-made splints have converted to the Somnowell and have been amazed at how easy it is to wear and how successful it is in curing their snoring and sleep apnoea.

The slim-line design and the precision of fit make this appliance the easiest to wear and most tight-fitting,holding the lower jaw forwards and opening up the airway. None of my patients have found this uncomfortable and without exception prefer it to any other splint they have tried.

My Somnowell patients frequently tell me I have transformed their lives, as well as that of their partners. This appliance, in my opinion, truly is the "Rolls Royce" of Mandibular Advancement Appliances and I would urge any patients who are suffering from snoring or sleep apnoea to seek a consultation from one of the experienced Somnowell practitioners."

A Consultant ENT Surgeon

"Truly life-changing"

"As an ENT surgeon, I have seen and treated many snorers. At one time we thought that surgery would be the answer for most, but over the years it has become clear that many patients do not benefit from nasal or palatal surgery. Mandibular advancement splints have been claimed to provide an effective, non-surgical treatment and as a snorer myself I decided to try this approach. I tried two different "DIY" splints without success. They were just too uncomfortable to retain overnight.

When I saw the Somnowell I decided to try one last time. I did not tell my wife about it. I saw Simon Ash and was immediately impressed. The day before I was to collect my device I was due to perform nasal surgery on a man who had come to me with severe snoring problems. As an adjunct to the planned surgery I had recommended that he tried a Somnowell device. As I went to see him for the final pre-operative check he told me that he had received his device and was no longer snoring. We cancelled his operation.

The next day, I collected my device and slept with it in without telling my wife. I did the same thing the following night. Then I asked her if she had noticed anything unusual. She said that for the first time in years she had gone to sleep and only been woken by the alarm clock in the morning. In fact, she now realised that her poor sleep was nothing to do with getting older, but simply because I had been disturbing her every night with my snoring which had now totally disappeared. At first she was very pleased, then she became angry at the thought of what she had had to put up with for 29 years!

Apart from the difference it has made to my wife, I have noticed that I now have much more refreshing sleep. It has been truly life-changing. Since then I have recommended the Somnowell to relatives, friends and patients. Thank you so much Simon!"

A Dentist from Cambridge, England:


"After several years of using various different acrylic appliances, boil and bite and hard acrylic, all with their attendant bulk, oral hygiene problems and patient compliance problems, I was curious to examine how Simon Ash's cobalt chrome "slim-line" mandibular advancement device will resolve patient problems by holding the mandible forwards with a much more patient friendly appliance.

The mechanics make sense - a very tightly fitting appliance that resembles a chrome denture on upper and lower teeth with rests to prevent the teeth from moving coronally - the two appliances then connected with a "Herbst" type activator to maintain the mandible in a forward position - ingenious.

I am pleased to say that patient feedback has been outstanding, and patient's have remarked that "At Last ! - Someone has created a viable non surgery solution" to help with snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnoea.

My first patient was my wife who suffered from day time sleepiness due to snoring and mild OSA. She paid me a massive compliment (which was quite out of character) on the positive effect on how her sleep was more refreshing. I too started to enjoy more nights of not being awoken by the sound of her snoring !

I am so greatful to Simon Ash for introducing such a wonderful appliance to dentistry which can improve the sleep lives and thereby general health of so many of our patients. I have introduced the appliance to my associate dentists who are now recommending the product to many of their patients too.

Britain owes a debt of gratitude to Simon as we can all now enjoy better, more refreshing sleep."

A Dentist from Bath, England

"Amazing results"

"I have been very impressed with my own Somnowell appliance. It is comfortable and easy to wear and my wife is absolutely delighted. In fact, she said that I was now so quiet that she thought I might have died in the night. Amazing results and I am sleeping so much better. So good that I can now recommend the Somnowell from my own personal experience."

A Dentist from Romford, England

"Very high quality"

"Somnowell have been a delight to work with. They have been rapidly and usefully responsive to requests for advice, help and feedback on case progress. Their manuals and documents are well written and produced and very helpful to the inexperienced practitioner learning the system. Lab work and loan materials arrive promptly when promised and the lab work has been of a very high quality."

A Dentist from Surrey, England

"Successful advancement device"

"I personally wear a Somnowell anti snoring appliance and have found it to be the most unobtrusive and successful advancement device on the market.
My wife confirms the affectiveness of the appliance."

A Dentist from Surrey, England

"Service and support excellent"

"As a Somnowell provider we have found the service and support excellent and the patient satisfaction for the product beyond our expectations. We find the process simple and straightforward for both the diagnostic and treatment stages.
Patients (and more important their spouses/partners) find that the results exceed their own expectations in relieving snoring and sleep apnoea."

A Specialist Orthodontist from Sydney, Australia

"A market leader"

"I have post graduate degrees in orthodontics, dentofacial orthopaedics and dental sleep medicine. This appliance is a market leader as it is comfortable for patients and has minimal disruption to their tongue space. A great alternative when patients can’t cope with CPAP."