"I would recommend this device to anyone who suffers from snoring - it is worth every penny." - Jonathan Davies OBE
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Do you suffer from snoring, sleep apnoea or both?

The world's first 4th generation
anti-snoring device.

Prof. Simon Ash

The inventor, Prof. Simon Ash - Sleep Specialist

The world's first 4th generation
anti-snoring device.

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Somnowell Chrome - Patient Testimonials

Richard Rawlins - my snoring was equivalent to a plane taking off. Somnowell has quite literally transformed my life

Following a sleep study, Prof Polkey diagnosed that I had sleep apnoea which meant I was waking up 30 times a night and snoring very badly. It not only impacted my sleep but also my wife’s sleep as well. I was given two options, one option was a CPAP machine which I was very very reluctant to have … and the other was a Somnowell device. Somnowell has quite literally transformed my life … I was tired, I was grumpy, I got booted out of bed. Prof Polkey said that my snoring was equivalent to a plane taking off. Since the device has been fitted … we both sleep right the way through the night and I have more energy, it has been fantastic. I am a big fan.”

Somnowell Ambassador: Jonathan Davies OBE (Former British Rugby Player)

"Having tried and tested over the counter plastic devices, I realised that I needed a more comfortable and long term solution to my snoring issue. The Somnowell device is seamless and I can hardly notice that I am wearing it. My snoring has been eliminated and my wife and I now benefit from high-quality sleep! I would recommend this device to anyone who suffers from snoring - it is worth every penny. There are over 300 Somnowell Practitioners in the UK. I ordered my device through Dr Matthew White at The Whites Dental Centre, Cardiff."

Michelle Norman as seen on Channel 5 "Britain's Biggest Snorer"

"I have been a loud snorer for the past 10 years. I was informed that I was starting to get worse around 3 years ago by my poor suffering husband Ken. I saw my doctor who asked me a few questions and said that because I didn’t suffer from Sleep Apnoea there wasn’t much that could be done apart from possibly losing some weight (ouch that hurt!!).

I saw Channel 5 were asking for loud snorers as they wanted to do a 90 min documentary to find Britain’s Biggest Snorer. I was desperate because at this point I was now having to sleep in the spare room 5 nights a week just to give Ken some respite from me, so I applied.

I couldn’t believe I was chosen to be one of the 5 from a potential 10,000+ applicants. That confirmed to me I must be pretty bad!! I was lucky to be part of snore camp where a top ENT specialist called Dr Mike Dilkes along with Dr Christian Jessen would monitor me overnight along with the other 4 snorers to see if there was any remedies that would help us. This is where I was introduced to the Somnowell mandibular advancement device. I had never heard of this device, however I was told it was the Rolls Royce of devices.

After a visit to the dentist, CFE Dental (Dr Graham Murphy), who specialise in Somnowell, I had impressions taken and within a couple of weeks I had my mandibular advancement device. Exciting!!!!! I was so impressed with his professionalism that Ken and I have swapped dentists and are now his patients.

I have to admit on first impressions it looked scary! I needn’t have worried, Dr Graham Murphy (CFE Dental) had shown me how to wear the device and following his instructions I fitted it without any problems. It was light in weight and very comfortable to wear. I could still talk when I was wearing it, which Ken was a little bit disappointed with (I'm quiet and reserved - what did he mean!!!!) I couldn’t wait to try it out!! Bedtime yet?????

The first night I wore the Mandibular device I wore some chin straps. For the last 40 odd years I had always slept with my mouth open. I needed to get into the habit of having my mouth closed as I slept. The device was light to wear and really not a problem. It’s now 2 months on and I no longer need to wear the chin straps.

When I started my snoring journey I was using the snore lab app on my phone, this would record my snoring and give me accurate readings on how loud my snoring was. I peaked at 146 (the average person has a reading of 25) My reading is now 17 all thanks to the Somnowell Mandibular advancement device and a stone and a half weight loss. I wear it every night. I now sleep back in my own bed with Ken and I don’t snore. Its unbelievable. If your burdened with snoring I’d definitely recommend Somnowell. The Somnowell Chrome device has certainly worked for me!"

Mr F from Essex, Somnowell – a positive change

Somnowell delivered everything it promised – no more snoring or sleep apnoea.
I wake up feeling refreshed. I'd forgotten how that felt and that's money definitely well spent. Also the care and help from the Somnowell Practitioner, Stephen Keane at The Smile Centre, Rayleigh, was professional and friendly. So much so, I changed my dental practice to them. Somenowell has made a positive change to my health and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else.

Mr AJB, The quality of my sleep and that of my dear wife has improved markedly

I have had the devise for 5 years. The quality of my sleep and that of my dear wife has improved markedly. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone suffering from snoring or sleep apnoea. AJB 65 years.

Mrs J from Nottingham From Pneumatic drill to dormouse

Having snored very loudly and sounding like a pneumatic drill for many years, I have given my husband many a sleepless night. I decided to invest in a somnowell device. I have had a bulky plastic device previously which was uncomfortable and just did not work. This custom made piece of metalwork is easy to tolerate and it works!

With these devices you get what you pay for and this, I believe, is well worth the investment.

I do occasionally snore just a little if I have had alcohol or am exceptionally tired- but absolutely nothing like the previous level of noise I made.

I was also concerned that the device might damage my veneers but this is not the case.

Mr R, London - This device is a life changer!

This device is a life changer! I tried CPAP which was a disaster. Can anyone sleep with that on their face and that noise! I tried gum shield type devices, and although it seemed like a good idea, it was hopeless and kept slipping out. Then I tried Somnowell, thank God. It actually works!

Mr A - Fantastic product

I have now had my Somnowell device for 3 years and I must say it was one of the best investments I have ever made - my wife would also agree with that statement !!

Highly recommended - it transformed our lives.

Mrs F - Still no snoring after five years

Having used plastic mandibular advancement devices for several years I knew that they stopped my snoring to a large extent but they were not particularly comfortable and it was hard to keep them clean and in shape. Five years ago I discovered Somnowell's device and it has been excellent. The cost was a bit off-putting initially but I have now had mine for five years and it is still in perfect condition so I hope for another five, by which time the cost will have been no more than I would have spent on bulky plastic gadgets. It is professionally fitted and the mouth can be opened easily with it in place, making it pretty comfortable. My jaw is slightly receding and bringing it forward stops my snoring. It has been a huge relief to my husband and it is also a lot less embarrassing not to be snoring when away from home. I would recommend it unreservedly.

Mr B - The Somnowell device is like a magic wand

Amazing device. Changed my life - was suffering from sleep apnoea with all the accompanying issues (tiredness, stress, mood swings) and the Somnowell device is like a magic wand that made the condition disappear.

It takes a little bit of time getting used to sleeping with the device in my mouth, but nowadays when I sleep without it, I automatically detect that the quality of my sleep deteriorates

Ms H - Best investment I ever made wouldn't be without my Somnowell

I was diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnoea, I was already aware that I snored badly. I was pointed in the direction of the various mandibular devices available on the market, but none of them worked as I always ended up spitting the item out whilst asleep.

I then heard about Somnowell and decided to invest in an attempt with this option. It took a few weeks and there were initially a few returns to make amendments to the device to ensure it fitted correctly. But eventually I ended up with a product that I would not be parted from.

The effect the item had was life changing. No more snoring no more sleep apnoea. I am no longer too embarrassed to accept visits to stay with friends. Whenever I go on holiday or stay away from home the first thing I pack is my Somnowell I dread forgetting it, it means so much.

I cannot thank Somnowell or the dentist who helped fit the item enough. I would strongly recommend it. Best money I ever spent.

Mr W - Does exactly what it promised to do

Does exactly what it promised to do.

I can't fault this device. It has eliminated my snoring. It is comfortable to wear and I feel when I wear it that I sleep much better. One of the best purchases I have ever made. Wife absolutely delighted!

Mr D - Remarkable device

I really cannot recall how long I have been using my Somnowell device, but it is getting close to a decade. I cannot speak highly enough of the regard I have for the device. The build quality is remarkable, the comfort is absolute and the peace of mind it has provided over the years - knowing that I am not going to be unduly bothering my wife in the night with my throat snoring - cannot be measured. Having tried NHS devices in an effort to avoid the expense of the device, which I had already researched, I eventually relented and chose Somnowell. I literally have not looked back and would recommend one wholeheartedly for anyone suffering with the angst of snoring or dangers and debilitating effects of sleep apnoea.

Mr S - Maybe the single most important thing I have ever bought

After years of suffering after a broken nose - my Somnowell device was life-changing. That is no exaggeration in the slightest. Maybe the single most important thing I have ever bought. Probably 4 years old now and, so well-made, it seems brand new.

Mr M - Worth its weight in Chrome Cobalt

Worth its weight in Chrome Cobalt. I've had other Mandibular Advancement Appliances in the past but this one is the most comfortable. There is very little discomfort after wearing for the night compared to other devices I've tried. The fitting and adjustment process went smoothly. The most important aspect is I don't wake up in the night or in the morning as if a Rhino had been sat on my chest. It might seem expensive but for decent sleep it is a bargain.

Ms W - Bruxism managed + great sleep!

I chose to get a Somnowell Chrome to help with my nocturnal bruxism. The Somnowell team made the process of learning about the device, visiting the dental practitioner who is a Somnowell expert, and being fitted with the device very easy. The Somnowell Chrome itself has totally changed my sleep experience. I am sleeping much more deeply than I ever imagined possible (after 40 years of insomnia). After a few nights of getting used to the feel of it in my mouth, I now really look forward to using the Somnowell each night because it aligns my jaw and lets me relax. The Somnowell Chrome itself is an amazing piece of elegant engineering. I feel like the customer care and support Somnowell provides for the whole experience of education, purchase, and aftercare is excellent. Highly recommended!

Mr C - Proper sleep at last!

I purchased the Somnowell device for obstructive sleep apnoea. I had the usual symptoms - waking up many times in the night, suffocating feeling, headaches in the morning and constantly fatigued. CPAP and other devices didn't work for me, so I am now trying the Somnowell. It's an odd looking thing, and initially feels a little strange in the mouth, but after a few minutes you don't notice it. For the first couple of nights, my teeth felt a bit sensitive in the morning, but that now has gone.

So, does it work? Yes! From the very first night my sleep pattern changed. I now sleep all through the night and the sleep apnoea symptoms have ceased. My partner says I occasionally have quiet, gentle snoring but nothing else.

It is expensive, but can you put a price on a good night's sleep?

Mrs B - I have been a snorer for many years but…

I have been a snorer for many years but only recently found out that, apart from keeping my husband awake, snoring has been associated with dementia, stroke and heart attacks. My dentist told me that the stories about people passing away 'peacefully in their sleep' was probably due to them actually stopping breathing! I decided I had to do something about the problem as I was (apparently) waking myself up many times during the night with a huge 'Harrrrrumph' and then, falling straight back asleep (poor hubby!). The plastic guard I bought online covered my teeth and I swear I could see some discolouration so I decided to bite the bullet (as it were) and splash out on a Somnowell anti-snore guard. So far, so good although I am seeing my dentist next week to see whether it can be adjusted because my hubby said I had been snoring the other night (whilst lying on my back) so if it can be pushed a little further forwards, that might help. It works, I have got used to it (takes a couple of goes) and I would recommend it to snorers everywhere.

CEO, London "very comfortable, practical and effective treatment"

Having snored for many years, I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea about five years ago. Given its nasty side effects, I knew I had to treat it but did not want to be using a CPAP for the rest of my life – that mask looked incredibly uncomfortable and inconvenient. My local doctor assessed the likely causes of my breathing problems during sleep and suggest a mandibular advancement device – since my bottom jaw was naturally a little behind where it should normally be. This gave me hope that I could avoid the CPAP.

I had the Somnowell fitted by my dentist. I initially found it a little daunting but its comfortable to wear, and better than another model I had tried before it. Very quickly I got used to it, stopped snoring and saw my levels of sleep apnoea drop to within normal levels. It needs checking every couple of years to make sure it keeps doing its job. But it gave me a very comfortable, practical and effective treatment. I would not be without it for anything now!

Retired surveyor in Bournemouth: "Sleep apnoea problem resolved by Somnowell"

Having been a long-term, often loud, snorer for some 50 years, I felt this had gone on for long enough and sought advice! Not least due to daytime sleepiness, albeit not affecting my driving.

On referral to a sleep specialist, I was told that CPAP would be needed, and until undergoing this gold standard therapy, I should not drive. Although the hospital oximeter readings, over 2 nights, did not suggest very many drops in blood saturation (a bit over 5 per hour on average), that was attributed to good general health and the diagnosis of mild apnoea mainly supported by my reported daytime sleepiness.

Although the CPAP machine was generally successful in that I was waking up feeling much more rested and then not being sleepy during the day, the AHI figures were only reducing slowly over about 3 months, roughly from 11 to 7. The sleep clinic wanted me down to 6 or less. More important to me was the sheer inconvenience of the contraption. It may be the gold standard therapy system but it is not the gold standard in being user-friendly. Even with the nose-based air pressure rather than the full face mask, I found it uncomfortable, difficult to turn over at night and disturbing to imagine being on a sort of artificial respiration for life. This last point may be a question of cultivating a better attitude. It is also a difficulty using the cumbersome machine on holiday. The sleep clinic was distant from my home and too busy to provide much support.

In my case, internet research showed that jaw shape, i.e. not a jutting out jaw, can make the Somnowell device appropriate, especially if one only has mild apnoea. My dentist happened to specialise in fitting these bespoke devices, he gave it as his view that a Somnowell would suit me, I had the impressions taken and it was duly fitted at a cost of £1,400. By moving the jaw forward by 0.5 centimeters, the airway is opened up to allow effective night-time breathing. That was the plan and that was the result.

So far, after several months, I do not think there is any sign of an adverse mandibular effect. As for the longer term, I am relaxed because my teeth are kept well-maintained and my dentist believes that the device should last "for years and years". I find using a toothbrush daily, putting the Somnowell in the dishwasher weekly and in the recommended mouthwash (for 2 hours) fortnightly keeps it in pristine condition.

Nowadays, I use it 6 nights a week, do not find it intrusive any more, snore only slightly, awake feeling rested and have seen a sleep specialist who has endorsed all this and said there is no need to contact DVLA or mention anything to my insurance company. This is simply because there is no problem, as also confirmed by two things. First my Epworth score has reduced from about 11 to 3. Second, my own oximeter readings now average about 1 dip per hour, which happens to be a better result than applied to the readings with CPAP. But since there were not a large number of CPAP readings, it may or may not be statistically valid to say that the Somnowell performs better than CPAP.

CONCLUSION. Although I cannot speak with the authority of a doctor, it seems to me that anyone with mild sleep apnoea and breathing restricted by jaw shape should seriously consider the Somnowell device - it has worked for me at any rate.

A gentleman from the Luton area

The Somnowell is the only device that will stop a heavy snorer In their tracks, enabling me and my fiance a great nights sleep! Since using the device I have experienced great sleep with the absence of that foggy feeling that you get upon arising like you haven't slept. The Somnowell has changed my life and I can't thank the team enough! It is an expensive device but in the long run well worth it.

A Retired former S.M.E. business owner "My snoring is under control"

I am a 68 year young newly retired former S.M.E. business owner who is fortunate enough to have an exceedingly tolerant and supportive wife of 46 years. However, of the many events, we have shared in our married life, none has tested us so much as my snoring which has increased over time. My wife is also a light sleeper, not a good combination for the perfect night's sleep.

Being retired has allowed us the opportunity to travel more than we were previously able to do (we ran the business together),but staying in one hotel room deprives the couple of the spare bed in the spare bedroom at home, there's no escape!

So, having tried the lower cost alternative mandibular devices without success and being referred to the local sleep apnoea clinic then enduring a trial of a CPAP machine, (the pump noise from which kept my wife awake in between my bouts of snoring). we arrived at the crossroads, a decision had to be made. A major motivation for me was the threat from the sleep clinic's doctor that if I couldn't address what he saw as mild sleep apnoea, eventually the DLVA would have to advised and my driving licence could be at risk. All this on top of the negative effects on our relationship and the capability to share a room and a bed, all because of my snoring.

Spending £1400.00 on something that you can't trial before committing to the expense is not a step easily taken but we needed to address mine/our problem. After a little research I attended Dr Jason Greenwood's practice in Stafford. Jason was very reassuring and confirmed a 95+% satisfaction rate with previous Somnowell fittings so we placed out trust in Jason and went ahead. That was August 2016, this testimonial is being written on 19th September 2017, yes, 2017.

I decided to give the device 12 months before commenting. Summed up, it has worked, continues to work, I have worn it every night for 13 months trouble free, we can share a bed and a room and the sleep apnoea doctor has accepted that I have addressed the mild sleep apnoea and, best of all, my wife and I are getting the quality and length of time of sleep we need. My snoring is under control.

In short, don't hesitate, if you have a sleep-related problem that a trained advisor tells you that a Somnowell can and most probably will help, go for it, it could save your relationship.

A Barrister from Bristol "the Somnowell Chrome has eradicated my apnoeas"

I was a fit 48 year old (male) when I first tried 'Somnowell Chrome'. I was initially put off by the price, but having tried every possible gadget Amazon had to offer, I decided it was worth a try. My own problem was moderately severe sleep apnoea and bad (mouth) snoring. I found a local dentist in Bristol (Neil Gerrard) whose whole set up was exceptionally friendly and professional. I invested the purchase price and have since then used the Somnowell for 4 years. My snoring has not stopped, but it has improved. However, the critical issue to me is that the Somnowell has eradicated my apnoea, something confirmed by tests undertaken by a Professor of Respiratory Medicine locally. My only other option, even though I am just over 80kg, would have been a CPAP machine, which I found difficult to tolerate. So, all in all, I am very pleased with the Somnowell. Obviously, every individual's reason for snoring, or having poor quality sleep, is different. However, for my particular problems, this was an investment well worth making, and I would also comment that the company, and dentist, involved have been friendly, efficient, and professional in all my dealings with them.

A Professor of Medicine from London, England: "life-transforming"

"When I consulted a colleague and expert in sleep medicine concerning my persistent fatigue and inability to concentrate I was not amused to hear he considered I needed to use a mandibular advancement device. Using the Somnowell system was not only straightforward but also life-transforming, enabling me to sleep soundly and to awake refreshed and ready for work for the first time in years."

A Professor from Oxford, England: "amazingly effective"

"Your Somnowell device is a brilliant invention. I have been wearing it now for three months and it has been amazingly effective. It is preventing me from snoring, which is a great boon for my wife. From the moment I started to wear it she was no longer subjected to the night long deafening foghorn which used to wake her up and disrupt her sleep.

Moreover, it has solved the problem of my sleep apnoea, which was potentially dangerous. I feel as if I breathe better at night, am getting a better quality of sleep, and I wake up in the morning refreshed rather than tired."

A Consultant ENT Surgeon: "truly life-changing"

"As an ENT surgeon, I have seen and treated many snorers. At one time we thought that surgery would be the answer for most, but over the years it has become clear that many patients do not benefit from nasal or palatal surgery. Mandibular advancement splints have been claimed to provide an effective, non-surgical treatment and as a snorer myself I decided to try this approach. I tried two different "DIY" splints without success. They were just too uncomfortable to retain overnight.

When I saw the Somnowell I decided to try one last time. I did not tell my wife about it. I saw Simon Ash and was immediately impressed. The day before I was to collect my device I was due to perform nasal surgery on a man who had come to me with severe snoring problems. As an adjunct to the planned surgery I had recommended that he tried a Somnowell device. As I went to see him for the final pre-operative check he told me that he had received his device and was no longer snoring. We cancelled his operation.

The next day, I collected my device and slept with it in without telling my wife. I did the same thing the following night. Then I asked her if she had noticed anything unusual. She said that for the first time in years she had gone to sleep and only been woken by the alarm clock in the morning. In fact, she now realised that her poor sleep was nothing to do with getting older, but simply because I had been disturbing her every night with my snoring which had now totally disappeared. At first she was very pleased, then she became angry at the thought of what she had had to put up with for 29 years!

Apart from the difference it has made to my wife, I have noticed that I now have much more refreshing sleep. It has been truly life-changing. Since then I have recommended the Somnowell to relatives, friends and patients. Thank you so much Simon!"

An IT Consultant from Sussex, England: "wake feeling refreshed"

"The most difficult part about snoring is admitting you have a problem. For years I defended myself against my wife's complaints that I kept here awake at night by making a joke of it. Plus - even if I did have a problem I didn't know there was anything I could do about it.

Then my wife hit upon a new strategy - she heard about the Somnowell and said I should investigate it. Seeing she was deadly serious about this I contacted the company and after a little research I arranged for an appointment to have one made for me.

Once I admitted I had a problem the Somnowell is a brilliant answer. I have been wearing it for a few months now and it is completely comfortable - I forget I have it in - and my snoring has been controlled - according to my wife. I sleep so much better. I thought I was sleeping before but I was actually just dozing. I really do wake feeling refreshed and clear headed - oh the beauty of a clear airway.

So I would recommend anyone who snores to investigate the Somnowell."

A Managing Director from London, England: "stopped my snoring immediately"

"I tried a few different devices before I discovered Somnowell and nothing worked. The Somnowell device is both comfortable to wear and very effective. It stopped my snoring immediately. I wake up every morning more refreshed from the better sleep I now get."

A GP from Devon, England: "a marriage and life changing device"

"I just wanted to thank you for the Somnowell device. Having snored loudly all my life I think the device has reduced snoring volume by approx 90% (based on recordings). More amazing for me is how much better the quality of my sleep has become and how much better I feel in the mornings and indeed all day. In retrospect I must have had mild sleep apnoea which has been abolished. I have started dreaming again which is an interesting effect. I cannot understand why the NHS does not prescribe these as devices that might be alternatives to CPAP. Thanks again for a marriage and life changing device."

A Health Care Professional from Dublin, Ireland: "eternally grateful"

"I write to commend your Somnowell device which I acquired 5 months ago. Firstly, it has conquered my snoring problem and my spouse is eternally grateful. Secondly and of equal consideration, it appears to have greatly reduced and possibly removed my sleep apnoea condition, to the extent that I have given up the CPAP machine which was cumbersome, uncomfortable and medically challenging with its need for extensive sterilisation on an almost daily basis.

By contrast, your small, neat and efficient device is easy to maintain and a portable delight for those of us who need to travel frequently. Your after care service is a blessing and the minor adjustments which you have been able to make to the device for perfect mouth fit are evidence of its flexibility. I wear my device every night without fail."

A Photographer from Staffordshire, England: "100% successful"

"I would like to thank you (Dr. Jason Greenwood) for the very professional service that you provided in supplying this very effective device from the initial consultation to the final fitting. It appears to be 100% successful and my wife is over the moon!!"

An Engineer from Surrey, England: "amazing results"

"I write to thank you so much for all your advice, care and attention when measuring, fitting and supplying my customised Somnowell device.

I have since been using this device regularly and both my wife and I are delighted with the amazing results this device has provided, eliminating 95% of my previously horrendous snoring problems.

Apart from the fact that we're now both getting a full and deep nights sleep, I also find I'm feeling much more dynamic, energetic and alert during the day, a colossal extra benefit that was totally unexpected!

I must say both my wife and I are delighted with the major benefits to our marital relationship that the use of your Somnowell device has acheived and that I myself am amazed and delighted at the comfort and overall quality of the device itself."

A Sales Director from Cologne, Germany: "very happy"

"Now it is about 3 months later. I put the Somnowell in a minute before I sleep; there are no side effects. I do not snore, I do not choke, I do not cough, I can talk with the Somnowell in, and I can even drink with it in. I am very happy that I was recommended to contact Somnowell and obtained the information about the Somnowell device as I find it easier and more comfortable to use than the CPAP machine.

I now go to sleep much later than I used to, and after about 6-7 hours I am wide awake."

An Administrator from Essex, England: "major improvement"

"A few months have now passed since my Somnowell was supplied and generally I must say there has definitely been a major improvement. My husband now sleeps in the same room and the sound has reduced by 70% to 75%.

For us it has been a success and we are happy to talk about the appliances and recommend to those who have a similar problem, although generally it is their partners who are far more interested!

Thank you for your years of research and the development of the Somnowell appliance, solving a problem which many consider to the fault of the snorer."

A Retiree from Costa Blanca, Spain: "delighted"

"For many years I had experienced day-time tiredness and snored very heavily when sleeping.

I consulted my G.P. and was referred to a Consultant Physician. The diagnosis was that I had sleep apnoea and I was put on a waiting list for a CPAP machine.

Whilst waiting for the machine I had surgery (privately) to try and alleviate the snoring, which was a great disruption to family life. I had surgery to my nose and throat, which was expensive, painful and did not work.

In February I was seen by Mr Ash who provided me with a Somnowell appliance, which I wear when sleeping to hold my lower jaw in a forward position.

The two-piece device is small, weighs only a few ounces and is comfortable to use. It is so effective I have been able to return the CPAP machine to the sleep clinic.

I am delighted with the replacement of the CPAP machine with the Somnowell appliance and would hope that other sleep apnoea patients will be able to benefit from similar treatment."

A Teacher from Kent, England: "transformed our lives"

"I refer to my recent consultation which completed my treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea.

I therefore just wanted to write and thank you for all your help, and to place on record the extent of the success achieved with the Somnowell appliance which you fitted.

As you know, the snoring which resulted from my condition, had reached a point where it was causing my wife considerable distress. Once the appliance had been fitted, my wife estimated that the level of my snoring reduced almost immediately by between 85% and 90%.

I would therefore regard the treatment as having been a huge success, and I would not be exaggerating if I described it as having transformed our lives. My wife reports that she now enjoys a night's sleep without being disturbed by my snoring, and this has left us feeling less tired and irritable."

A Managing Director from Northampton, England: "very satisfied"

"...whilst my first reason to contact you linked to snoring there are other benefits. Clearly the way my jaw fell back when sleeping was causing a form of apnoea, the Somnowell has dealt with that and my sleep quality is now really good. As a consequence I feel I have more energy, and this alone makes the device a success.

I wear it every night, including on overnight long haul flights.

So in conclusion I am a very satisfied customer."

A Consultant ENT Surgeon from London, England: "my new best friend"

"I asked my wife for a quote and she said; "My new best friend"!!"

A Long Suffering Wife from Santa Fe, USA: "a miracle"

"After more years than I care to count I am now sleeping in the same bed as my husband , after he was fitted with a somonwell anti-snoring device. He had tried many different anti-snoring devices over the years but since the first night with a somonwell no snoring....it's a miracle.... thank you!"

A Lawyer from Cardiff, Wales: "transformational"

"A brief note to say I have now been living with the device for a few weeks and its impact upon me has been transformational. My wife tells me she "no longer knows I am there" and the quality of my sleep has improved immeasurably.

I should also say how impressed I was with the practice you referred me to in Radyr near Cardiff, The Whites Dental Centre. I was attended by Dr White and he and his team are to be thoroughly commended to you. Highly professional and every person I came into contact with there as part of the process was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Please file me in the "very satisfied customer file"

An Auditor from Bracknell, England: "changed our lives"

"Having researched the market for a solution to my sleep apnoea issue, I came across the somnowell device which initially seemed too good to be true. My background as an auditor makes me naturally sceptical about everything. I mean really, could a simple device that brings your lower jaw forward actually solve this life altering problem? I decided to take the plunge and try the somnowell device and it not only resolved my sleep apnoea, but also changed our lives (my wife and I) ever since. Thanks to the patience and fantastic service from Dr Teresa Day and her team at the Appledore Dental clinic in Binfield, I was fitted with my bespoke, and totally comfortable mouth piece within a matter of a few weeks. We now wake up with more energy, are less temperamental and just a lot more happy. My wife is so thankful that my snoring has virtually stopped."

A man from south east England: "huge difference"

"I must say that the "Somnowell" device has already made a huge difference to my snoring. My wife tells me that the volume is now a fraction of what it used to be, she also informs me that the interruptions to my breathing (Sleep Apnia) seemed to have ceased.

All in all I have been very impressed with the device and certainly the level of treatment and speed of service has be first class both from "1st Impressions Dental Practice" and "Somnowell". If anybody is considering this device, I would certainly recommend it."

A Financier from Australia: "worn the appliance everynight"

"I have worn the appliance every night since I bought it. Well that's not exactly true, I actually tried CPAP for two months but then gave it up because I could never get as good of a night sleep as I do with the Somnowell mouth piece."

A Retired Deputy Headteacher from the Isle of Man: "worked wonderfully"

"I have to say that the Somnowell device has worked wonderfully for me. I am snoring much less and waking myself up only very rarely, so I am now getting a decent night's sleep most of the time. We were away for 7 weeks over Christmas and New Year, staying in hotels, so my husband and I were obliged to share a room. He was delighted with my progress! Many thanks for supplying this appliance - I had tried a great many other techniques beforehand and nothing else ever came close to this one. I would not hesitate to recommend it, and indeed have on several occasions. I should also add that the appliance works very well for me despite the fact that I have exceedingly irregular teeth."

A Lawyer from London, England: "worth every penny"

"This device is brilliant. It has quite simply solved a problem that threatened to undermine a new long term relationship. It is comfortable and fuss free and worth every penny. "

A woman from Suffolk, England: "unbeleivable"

"I wouldn't go to bed without my Somnowell Device, I now sleep through the night as I am not disturbed by, snoring, coughing and choking. It is almost unbelievable to me that the Somnowell is so successful. I wake refreshed and no longer fall asleep at every opportunity during the day. The big bonus is, I no longer suffer with what was diagnosed as Perennial Rhinitis, so the catarrh and irritating cough which was always at its worst in the morning has now gone.

I am so very pleased that I found out about the Somnowell.

Thank you very very much to Simon Ash for his invention and his care."

A woman from Spain: "use it every night"

"I have been using my Somnowell now for more than 18 months and I got it mainly for my sleep apnoea. I use it every night and I have not once, woken up in all that time. I am told that the snoring has also disappeared."

A Police Officer from Glasgow, Scotland: "well worth the money"

"I am more than happy to provide a testimony for the Somnowell device. I have been wearing it for a few months now and can't sleep without it. After the first couple of times wearing it, it becomes a normal part of the bedtime routine to put it in before going to sleep.

I now get a good night sleep and don't wake up feeling tired or feel the need to have a nap in the afternoon. I've had surgery (twice), once at great expense having laser surgery on my throat which was extremely painful and did not work in the slightest.

The Somnowell device is pain free and the best purchase I have ever made. I tried the plastic devices and although they gave me a better sleep, they are uncomfortable and do not last long.

I would recommend this device to anyone, the difference in how you (and your partner) feel every day is incredible.

Well worth the money."

A Managing Director from Milton Keynes, England: "quality of life has improved"

"I would like to provide you with some feedback now that I have had my Somnowell device for some months:

I have had 'complaints' about my snoring for years and years, but it seems that over time it was becoming even louder. Eventually I arranged a private consultation with a recommended ENT Consultant at Three Shires in Northamptonshire. After various tests he informed me that he was not totally convinced that my spending on corrective surgery would bring the desired result, and instead referred me to a specialist in Paddington.

There began a series of appointments. Meanwhile I continued to try nasal strips, throat sprays, chin tape etc all without success.Eventually it was decided to send me to outpatient theatre for sleep endoscopy, and also to book me into a sleep study clinic.After the sleep endoscopy the surgeon came to me to check I was OK to go home and explained a little of his observations. He told me that as soon as they induced sleep my lower jaw dropped back and my oxygen levels dropped dramatically. The moment he eased my lower jaw forward my oxygen levels increased to normal. He told me he would write his report to the referring specialist and they would be in touch.

That afternoon I went home and using an iPad looked at a snoring website the surgeon had told me about. After looking at a variety of mandible devices that looked as if they would be uncomfortable I eventually came to a section on the Somnowell device. As I read the detail I felt it could possibly be right for me, so I emailed an enquiry from the website link.

To my surprise I received a telephone call back within 30 minutes, and all my questions were answered in detail and I decided there and then that Somnowell was worth a try.It could not have been easier as the initial onsultation was even arranged for me by Somnowell with a local dentist.

The dentist was perfect, she examined my mouth, took time to explain and the process began. Some 3 to 4 weeks later I collected my Somnowell device.

At first it gave me jaw ache, and I returned to have some adjustment made.

I wear it every night, and as a frequent long haul business traveller I even put it in on overnight flights.

My quest started on seeking a cure for snoring, what I had not realised was that my sleep quality prior to having a Somnowell device was not good. From the first time I wore the device my sleep quality improved. I wake feeling great, my unruffled bed covers testament to how undisturbed my sleep has been. My energy levels have increased and as a direct result of wearing my Somnowell my quality of life has improved.

Snoring ?, I am told I still do snore a little, but a relatively quiet gentle snore far from the disruptive volumes of before. But if I am honest,even if I still snored loudly I would still wear my device every night, just for the enhanced quality sleep."

The Wife of a Snorer from the South East of England: "worth every penny!!"

"The Somnowell appliance fitted for my husband by Dr André Hedger has been a great success. It enabled us to have a stress free holiday without the usual sleepless nights due to snoring and the resultant lack of energy. It is surprising and gratifying that such a simple appliance can make such a significant difference. We were especially impressed by the prompt, professional and friendly service received from Dr André Hedger and his team at the surgery.
The investment in the device was significant, but worth every penny!!"

A Dentist from Surrey, England: "successful advancement device"

"I personally wear a Somnowell anti snoring appliance and have found it to be the most unobtrusive and successful advancement device on the market.
My wife confirms the affectiveness of the appliance."

A Lecturer in Higher Education from England: "extremely impressed"

"Having worn the Somnowell appliance for 4 months I am extremely impressed with its effectiveness and the impact on my well being. It is an elegant and unobtrusive solution to a serious health-threatening complaint and my wife and I are very grateful."

A Managing Director from London, England: "has improved my life"

"I tried a plastic gum shield type device 15 years ago or so and found it hopeless. My apnoea had been getting worse so I thought I would try again. I then saw the Somnowell which seems like an extraordinarily good idea. Now I have had it for 3 months or so I swear by it. I still get the odd bit of snoring, but no apnoea, well according to my wife that is. It is not as comfortable as sleeping without it, but it is not bad. But overall I am very pleased I came across the device and bought one. It has improved my life."

A man from London, England: "a tremendous improvement in my sleeping"

"I have been using my Somnowell every night since I was fitted at the beginning of September. It took just a couple of nights to get used to it (and one small adjustment by the dentist on a follow-up visit), and my wife and I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my sleeping. My wife says that my snoring rarely wakes her up anymore, and I don't snore so loudly that she can't get back to sleep as in the past. I have less difficulty waking up in the morning and feel more rested. I also do not feel as tired and sleepy in the afternoon. Overall, we have both been very pleased with the Somnowell."