WoodyKnows Mouth Tape


Anti Snoring Mouth Strips for deep Sleep, Develop The Habit of Nasal Breathing, Maintain Natural Face Shape (Medium Strength (Original Model) 24 Pieces)


Additional information

Brand WoodyKnows
  • DEVELOP THE HABIT OF NASAL BREATHING – Our strips are a direct way to help mouth breathers return to the ideal oral resting posture, enjoy consistent deep sleep, less snoring and more restful nights.
  • MAINTAIN NATURAL FACIAL PROFILE – Clinical studies show that habitual mouth breathing leads to long and narrow facial structures, less prominent jaws, a retracted chin, a short upper lip and flaccid lower lip. Our strips gently hold the mouth closed so that the chin and tongue remain in the proper position during sleep.
  • STABLE AND SAFE – Stable at night with the specially engineered adhesive and the H-shape enlarged adhesive area. No choking hazard compared with lip tapes.
  • COMFORTABLE AND HYGIENIC – The middle section over the lips is narrow and adhesive free. 100%-cotton breathable base material.
  • NOTE – Dirt, oil, sweat, dander, mustache, beard, moisturizer and makeup will sharply weaken the adhesive. It is necessary to clean the face skin around your mouth and shave your moustache before applying the strip. Do not worry if there is still a tiny gap between the lips. This will not cause mouth breathing anymore since your chin and tongue have already stayed at the proper position.