DROWSY Silk Sleep Mask


Face-Hugging, Padded Silk Cocoon for Luxury Sleep in Total Darkness. (Green Sapphire)


Additional information

Brand Drowsy
Colour Green Sapphire
Material Silk
Special feature Hypoallergenic
Age range (description) Adult
Unit count 1.00 count
Number of items 1
Product care instructions Hand Wash Only
Closure type Wrap-around
Pattern Solid
✔︎ THE WORLD’S MOST LUXURIOUS SLEEP MASK – Loved by beauty editors and celebrities around the world. Multi award-winning. Drowsy is the beauty industry’s silk sleep mask of choice. Wrap your eyes in padded silk for an uninterrupted, glorious sleeping experience every night.

✔︎ 100% LIGHT BLOCKING – For uninterrupted sleeping comfort in total darkness. Wide cushioned design with built in black-out liner.

✔︎ 22 MOMME, PURE MULBERRY SILK: Specially commissioned, made to our strict standards of quality manufacture. We rigorously develop the mask according to silk testing specifications of; shine, thickness, comfort, durability, touch and premium silk-sleep factor. Our silk has a cloud-like touch that instantly provides deep relaxation and comfort to skin.

✔︎ BIG, SQUISHY, CLOUD-LIKE PADDING – Allows for even and low pressure across the face. Thickness of the band prevents the mask slipping off in the night and maximizes light-blocking for all head sizes. Premium, cushioned inner layer ensures maximum breathability and cool air flow all night long.

✔︎ FULLY ADJUSTABLE TO FIT ALL HEAD SIZES – Our pure Green Sapphire silk mask is wide cushioned and fully adjustable, so it effectively blocks out all sleep-interrupting light to all head sizes. The Drowsy Sleep Mask stays on your face in ALL sleep positions and does not move or fall off while you’re sleeping.

✔︎ WRAP-AROUND SKIN & HAIR PROTECTION – Keep your skin and hair protected from friction and damage. Help prevent creasing from pillows and bedsheets. Cushion the delicate skin around your eyes in pure mulberry silk. Enjoy the glorious sensation of Drowsy as you sleep.