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From May 16th 2016 ALL orders are to be paid to Somnowell ltd. Lab work is to be sent directly to Aesthetic World Ltd. (Our Licenced Laboratory)

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Postured Bite



The facebow registration records, in three dimensions, the position of the upper jaw in relation to the patient's skull and indirectly to the lower jaw via the TM joints. It gives the technician an indication of the patient's clinical features additional to the impressions and postured bite. The technician can mount the case on a semi-adjustable articulator. Stages in the device manufacture are referenced to this registration.

It is then possible to more accurately assess the impact of further protrusive, lateral excursions and achieve occlusal balancing, in harmony with the patient. Without the facebow transfer registration the technician must guess where to place the models. Occlusal balancing, other than in the supplied postured bite relation, is not possible.

With any fixed linkage Herbst piston rod device the following issues can occur if a facebow is not provided:

the piston rods can jam
the piston rods can foul the teeth
the piston rods can cause the device to pull off the teeth prematurely
the device can prematurely occlude resulting in imbalance and instability

If you do not provide a facebow record and a remake or adjustment is required for any of the above reasons then the full remake or adjustment cost will be charged.

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Please check the impressions do not have defects or drags, and that the impression material is secure within the tray and has not pulled away.

Please check the postured bite records the mandible in the desired forward position, and is non-displaced.

Please check the facebow components are in the correct position, with the numbers facing forward (and not upside down), and the nuts are tightened.

* All records will be checked and if unsatisfactory will need to be re-taken.