Somnowell Retainers

Teeth retainers that last a lifetime

Until now there has been no satisfactory long-term solution for a retainer after braces. Fixed retainers stuck to the inner surface of the lower teeth frequently break. And the plastics used to make removable retainers are not designed for long-term use in the mouth. Over time they tend to distort or break and become unsightly and smelly due to bacteria and oral fungi.

The Somnowell Retainers perform the same function as removable retainers. They work as a pair and must at all times be worn as a pair (chrome cobalt could otherwise damage uncovered dental enamel) with one Somnowell in the upper arch and a separate Somnowell in the lower jaw, thereby keeping all your teeth in perfect position. The use of a medical super alloy affords a lifelong solution to the problem of retaining the newly positioned teeth, thereby enabling you to retain your beautiful smile for decades.

World's first super alloy retainer for teeth

The Somnowell is the only retainer for teeth to be made entirely from a medical super alloy. The use of this super alloy allows the Somnowell retainers to be thin and discreet yet extremely strong. They do not suffer the same degree of wear and tear and are far more resilent within the mouth than plastic retainers. However the forces applied by the jaws are enormous and may cause the device to be distorted or damaged which may adversely affect the fit and success of the device. See guarantee conditions. Need to add into each answer to each question. They work as a pair and must at all times be worn as a pair, failure to do so could result in permanent damage to the enamel of the teeth which are not protected by the chrome device.

They are less likely to distort or degrade with use than plastic retainers. The Somnowell chrome cobalt retainers can be cleaned in a dish washer and boiling water.

The best retainer for teeth

It is well recognized by dentists the world over that plastics used in dental appliances for the mouth are not a long-term solution. Plastic dentures are commonly referred to by professionals as "gum strippers". Patients wearing these plastic devices are normally advised of the temporary nature and the possible harm and damage to the teeth and gums.

More than just a tooth retainer

The Somnowell retainers are not connected like the Somnowell for snoring and sleep apnoea. However if you happen to snore or suffer from sleep apnoea the Somnowell retainers can be fitted with the discreet adjustable connector to effectively treat these conditions at the same time as retaining your teeth.