Get Qualified Patient Leads Every Month With Our Promoted Practitioner Program

Why become a Somnowell Promoted Practitioner?

Grow your practice. Sleep medicine is fastest growing area in medicine.

Direct marketing of Somnowell in your local area, exclusively for you.

New patients, plus additional treatments sometimes required.

Receive a steady flow of patient enquiries every month.

Receive a £50 discount for each new Somnowell Chrome order.

Lunch and Learn Session for practice staff.

Business case for becoming a Somnowell Promoted Practitioner

In 3 months as a Somnowell Promoted Practitioner paying £100 per month, this dentist received 94 Somnowell enquiries from our direct marketing campaigns in their local area. This resulted in 11 Somnowell devices being provided. With a typical Somnowell price of £1,500 each this is £16,500 of income. The cost of the Promoted Practitioner program starts from just £50 (+VAT) per month, no fixed term.

Business Case

Week Somnowell Enquiries Somnowell Devices
Week 1 17 2
Week 2 9 1
Week 3 5 1
Week 4 3 1
Week 5 5 1
Week 6 2 0
Week 7 3 1
Week 8 12 1
Week 9 3 0
Week 10 8 0
Week 11 11 1
Week 12 8 0
Week 13 8 2
Professor Simon Ash talks about the Somnowell appliance (7 minutes)

Join 291+ Satisfied Practitioners. Here is What They Have to Say

Dr. John L Farringer III, DDS, Board Certified, The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine
Dr. John L Farringer III

I have been practicing dental sleep medicine for over 10 years and can confidently state that the Somnowell device is the most comfortable oral appliance available for the treatment of OSA. It eliminates the three main complaints patients have with plastic devices: 1. Foul odor 2. Obstructed tongue space 3. Uncomfortable and bulky. I wear my Somnowell every night.

Dr. Brian Clarke, Bayswater Dental Practice

Being a snorer myself, I’d tried plastic appliances which were “a mouthful” and not well tolerated. Then I was introduced to the Somnowell Chrome … it was a revelation. Over the last 10 years, I’ve treated nearly 200 patients with the Somnowell.. Even patients that had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and snoring and advised to use CPAP, have been successfully treated using the Somnowell. I highly recommend it.

Practice Starter

5+ enquiries per month plus training

£50.00 + VAT

What is the Promoted Practitioner Program?

The purpose of the Somnowell Promoted Practitioner program is for us to work with a small number of practitioners, with each in a defined area, so that the referred patients receive a consistently high level of service and product from highly experienced Somnowell Practitioners. Using our proven digital marketing expertise we will run localised campaigns that exclusively promote you, and with all generated Somnowell patient enquiries sent directly to you.

Here's How We Can Guarantee You New Patient Enquiries Every Month

We Create Exclusive Marketing Campaigns For You

Fully managed campaigns just targeting people in your local area.

We Advertise When People Are in Need

People actively looking for snoring and sleep apnoea solutions will see your Somnowell ad.

We Advertise to the Right Types of People

People from the typical demographic will see your Somnowell ad.

We Create a Dedicated Web Page For You

Patients learn about you and contact you directly.

We Send Patients Directly to You

Every patient lead from your local dedicated campaigns are sent directly to you.

It Doesn't Stop There, We Continue Working for You

We Take Care of The Responses on Your Behalf

On request -Our system sends an email directly to the patient on your behalf. The email is from your email address so replies go to your inbox.

We Personally Follow Up

Our software will analyse each patient and we will personally follow up with the patients who are ready to proceed with treatment.

We Sell the Treatment

We educate the patients with informational emails that will help them understand the benefits of proceeding with treatment.

We Personally Reply to Patients Emails

and can assist patients to book an appointment.

We Tell You How You Are Performing

We will send you a weekly and monthly report listing all the referrals that have been sent to you. Including the patients name, email, and telephone.

Why You Can Trust Us With Your Marketing

Joel McDonald Author: Google Adwords for Dummies

"My name is Joel McDonald, and I am an Author and a Google Adwords consultant. I've reviewed hundreds of Advertising accounts, and working with Somnowell Marketing has been an absolute pleasure. There accounts are some of the most organized and well-performing accounts I've looked at. If they are managing your Advertising budget for your local Dental practice, you can rest assured that your advertising budget is in extremely capable hands."

Dr Colin Doody BDS: "a good new source of revenue"

"I have recently become involved with Somnowell. I receive referrals from them and to date I have made 12 Somnowell appliances with 100% success and lots of good feedback from the recipients. All of the cases have been people from around my area but not patients of my practice so this has been a good new source of revenue as well as helping people suffering the problems of snoring and apnoea. The Somnowell is a quality product and it works!"

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What Else You Get With The Promoted Practitioner Program

You Get Marketing Materials

We send you our full range of posters and patient information leaflets for your practice.

Full Clinical Guidance by Prof. Ash (2 Hours CPD)

Full access to the Somnowell Practitioner portal for the latest clinical guidance.

Introductory Course by Prof. Ash (6 Hours CPD)

Become Somnowell certified with full access to Professor Simon Ash's introductory Somnowell course.

Advanced Course by Prof. Ash (6 Hours CPD)

Get full access to the Advanced Somnowell course led by Professor Simon Ash, Professor Mike Polkey (Respiratory Medicine), Mr Mike Dilkes (ENT), Mr Mike Oko (ENT).

You Get on The Fast Track to Become a Platinum Practitioner

The fast track to becoming a Somnowell Platinum Practitioner and attracting even more patients.

Ready to Get Started? Sign-up Now

Promoted Practitioner Program Choice

Practice Starter
New Patient Enquiries
New patient enquiries per month 5+
Clinical Guidance by Prof. Ash - 2 hours CPD
Introductory Course by Prof. Ash - 6 hours CPD
Advanced Course by Prof. Ash - 6 hours CPD
Starter Pack
80 page manual
11 posters
150 patient information leaflets Website
Listing on website
Dedicated profile page
Dedicated contact form
Practitioner Registration
No minimum term
New Patient Enquiries
New patient enquiries per month 5+
No obligation, cancel anytime £50 per month (plus VAT)
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What Happens Next

1. After you click the button you will be taken to our secure payment page.
2. We will contact you within 24 hours to register you as a Somnowell Practitioner.
3. We will gather the required information to set up your localised marketing campaigns.
4. We will send you the login details for all your training, and post your Starter Pack.
5. We will add you to our website and create your profile page and contact form.

Want to Try a Somnowell Device?

If you would like to try a Somnowell device for yourself we are happy to provide the first one to you at a reduced price. For more information please contact us using the form above.