Platinum Practitioner - Invitation Only

Use the payment information below to accept our invitation to become a Somnowell Platinum Practitioner.

Platinum Practitioner Benefits

  • Marketing campaigns in your area that exclusively promote you, and with all generated patient enquiries sent directly to you.
  • Ability to control the number of extra patient enquiries you receive from month to month.
  • Closer working relationship with you and your practice to effectively manage all the patient enquiries, follow-ups, and to develop your in-practice marketing.
  • Promote you as our most highly recommended Somnowell Practitioner to all the prospective patients generated by our current marketing campaigns.
  • Highlight your listing on our website as a Platinum Practitioner so that all prospective patients from all marketing campaigns are more likely to choose you.
  • Contact your nearest sleep centres, ENT Surgeons and Respiratory / Chest Physicians, to educate them about the Somnowell (the UK's only Consultant led mandibular advancement device) and provide them with your details as our most highly recommended Somnowell Practitioner in their area. Supplying them with patient information leaflets that contained your contact details.

*You will automatically receive a monthly invoice for your bookkeeping.
*You can cancel at anytime.

Credit / Debit Card

Platinum Practitioner Options

20 Extra Enquiries per Month (approx.)

£100.00 / Month

40 Extra Enquiries per Month (approx.)

£200.00 / Month

Standing Order

You can alternatively set up a monthly standing order for £100/£200. Our account details are below.

Account name: Somnowell Ltd
Bank: Barclays Bank PLC
Branch: Woodford Broadway
Sort code: 20-52-74
Account number: 73609723

Please use the reference: "(your name) Platinum".