Somnowell Suitability Test - Snoring

Your Snoring

Do you snore?
Have you had previous success with a plastic mandibular advancement device?
Have you been recommended a mandibular advancement device by an ENT Surgeon or Chest /
Respiratory Physician?
Do you sleep in separate bedrooms?
Do you have confirmed evidence that you suffer from problematic snoring, i.e. witness or recording (app, sleep study, recorder)?
Do you sleep on your side?

Your Mouth

Do you wear partial dentures?
Is your mouth well restored?
Do you have dental implants?
Do you have a full upper denture that is retentive and you have a good bony / alveolar ridge?
Do you have competent lips? (Lips that naturally stay together at rest)
Do you breathe through your mouth and have difficulty breathing through your nose?
Do you regularly have a dry mouth or throat on waking from sleep?
Do you have at least 2 upper teeth and 4 lower teeth?
Do you tolerate dental work?
Do you tolerate changes in the mouth, i.e. fillings?
Do you have a mild / normal gag reflex?
Do you have jaw pain on one side?


Do you want a device that is almost invisible when in the mouth?
Do you want a device that is comfortable, easy to clean, hygienic, portable, and requires no power supply?
Would you like treatment to be delivered in a multi-disciplinary setting?


Your suitability is
* The only results are either OK or UNSURE. The results are only an indication based on the answers you provided.