Advanced Online Course and Registration

Advanced Dental Sleep Medicine: Multi-Disciplinary Management of Snoring, Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, TMD Management and Orthodontic Retention


Taught by Visiting Professor Simon Ash BDS MSc DOrth MOrth FDS.

Visiting Professor Ash is a highly regarded Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with special interests in sleep related breathing disorders, TMJD and bruxism. Visiting Professor Ash is the inventor of the Somnowell Chrome, the world's first 4th generation mandibular advancement appliance.

  • Professor Michael Polkey, Specialist in Respiratory Medicine
  • Mr Michael Oko, Consultant ENT Surgeon
  • Mr Michael Dilkes, Consultant ENT Surgeon

Course Highlights

  • In-depth advanced course covering dental sleep medicine in relation to dentistry, respiratory medicine and ENT.
  • Somnowell Practitioner Registration. Starter pack: Somnowell Practitioner Manual, all necessary forms and questionnaires, patient information leaflets, and posters.
  • Access to the online Somnowell Practitioner portal with everything you need to provide and promote your new service. Including the latest clinical information, marketing tools, training, videos, forms, letters, and more.

You Get Marketing Materials

We send you our full range of posters and patient information leaflets for your practice.

Full Clinical Guidance by Prof. Ash (2 Hours CPD)

Full access to the Somnowell Practitioner portal for the latest clinical guidance.

Advanced Course by Prof. Ash (6 Hours CPD)

Get full access to the Advanced Somnowell course led by Professor Simon Ash, Professor Mike Polkey (Respiratory Medicine), Mr Mike Dilkes (ENT), Mr Mike Oko (ENT).

The Somnowell

The Somnowell is the first 4th generation mandibular advancement appliance, made from super alloy chrome cobalt. Recommended by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association and the Bruxism Association.


Standard price: £280 + VAT

Introductory Online Course and Advanced Online Course - 10% off
if both booked at the same time
Cost is £448 + VAT


6 hours CPD.

Dr Colin Doody BDS: "a good new source of revenue"

I have recently become involved with Somnowell. I receive referrals from them and to date I have made 12 Somnowell appliances with 100% success and lots of good feedback from the recipients. All of the cases have been people from around my area but not patients of my practice so this has been a good new source of revenue as well as helping people suffering the problems of snoring and apnoea. The Somnowell is a quality product and it works!

Dr Graham Catchpole BDS: "delighted with a steady flow of referrals"

I am delighted with a steady flow of referrals which is due to an extremely proactive marketing strategy and this is followed up to ensure patient satisfaction. It is indeed quite the best mandibular advancement appliance in it's field and can be highly recommended with a very high success rate.

Dr J B BDS: "numerous high quality patient leads"

I have been most impressed by Somnowell's excellent marketing and patient information. They have introduced numerous high quality patient leads who have been delighted by the comfort and efficiency of their appliances.

Dr. Brian Clarke, Bayswater Dental Practice: "I highly recommend this MAA"

Over the last ten years, I’ve treated nearly 200 patients with the Somnowell MAA. Even patients that had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and snoring and advised to use CPAP, have been successfully using the Somnowell MAA. I highly recommend it.

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