Somnowell Chrome – Features & Benefits

The Somnowell Chrome is the world's first 4th generation oral device for snoring and sleep apnoea. Designed by Visiting Professor Simon Ash, a Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience. Tailor-made from a medical super alloy, the Somnowell Chrome is a lifetime solution and the most slim-line, comfortable, and hygienic device available.

ENT Consultant Mr Michael Dilkes says

"What I've found in my patients, and I treat a large number of snoring patients every year, is that there is a pretty much 100% efficacy with Somnowell Chrome once the patient tolerates it and has any other treatments required. Once it's fitted it seems to work pretty much all the time."

As seen on BBC1 Goodnight Britain

In the show Chris tried a plastic oral device but found it too uncomfortable to wear and it kept coming in and out. In his words it was "absolutely horrible", "feels like a tennis ball in the mouth", "feel like going to suffocate".Chris then gets a Somnowell Chrome and reports "as easy as that (when puts in). Its not uncomfortable, fits perfectly, its been designed for my particular mouth, and I'd wholly recommend them to everyone. It makes a big difference on our whole lives basically, actually waking up feeling really good, Charlie feeling pretty good as well, and actually smiling".

Features & Benefits

The creation of each Somnowell Chrome incorporates the highest levels of expertise, exacting standards, and super alloy material.

Here are just some of the technologies used in the creation of each Somnowell Chrome appliance:

  • The Facebow is a specialist tool used to record the relationship of the upper teeth and jaw to the rest of the head and jaw joints. By taking a facebow record it is possible to communicate the unique anatomical and functional features of each user to the laboratory.
  • The Semi-Adjustable Articulator is used to mount stone cast models of the user's teeth and jaw functional anatomy, in order to create an appliance in total harmony with their individual needs.
  • The Surveyor is an instrument used to facilitate the design and placement of the small clasps that gently hold the Somnowell Chrome in place. The surveyor helps to identify the most comfortable and effective retentive path of insertion for the Somnowell Chrome, while ensuring that the device will hold its position.

This technology, along with the expert knowledge of Visiting Professor Ash and our technicians, moves the Somnowell Chrome far beyond conventional oral devices, offering a comfortable and effective non-surgical alternative to treating problematic snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea.


Somnowell Chrome CPAP Surgery Over-the-Counter Plastic Oral Devices Mid-Range Plastic Oral Devices
Medical Supervision Yes Yes No Yes
Adjustable n/a n/a Sometimes Sometimes
Comfortable to use Very comfortable Many people cannot tolerate Can be very painful Often not comfortable Often not comfortable
Hardly noticeable No Yes Bulky devices are noticeable Bulky devices are noticeable
Can talk and drink n/a n/a Sometimes Sometimes
Lifespan 10+ years n/a n/a - often the effects wear off 6 months 12-18 months
Regular Replacement No No - parts need regular replacement No Yes Yes
Quickly degrades No n/a n/a Yes Yes
Becomes unsightly and smelly No No - requires intensive cleaning n/a Yes Yes
Easy to clean n/a n/a No - becomes unsightly and smelly over time No - becomes unsightly and smelly over time
Price Guide £££ ££££ ££££ £ ££

Copycat devices

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