Somnowell for Bruxism

Teeth grinding treatment

The Somnowell Chrome provides a very effective barrier between the teeth limiting the damaging effects of bruxism. It will not stop the bruxism but may discourage this damaging habit. The Somnowell Chrome is made of a medical grade chrome cobalt cast alloy that can withstand much of the forces from bruxism and jaw parfunction.

Plastic devices on the other hand tend to be bulky and uncomfortable and regularly need to be replaced due to the wear and tear caused by the grinding teeth. The Somnowell Clear should not be used in patients with Bruxism and tooth grinding. It is often found that plastic devices may encourage unwanted tooth movements leading to a possible worsening of the problem.

Furthermore if you happen to suffer from snoring or suffer from sleep apnoea as well as bruxism the Somnowell Chrome can help to alleviate these conditions at the same time.

The Somnowell Chrome being made of metal is resistant to most damage arising from clenching , grinding and jaw parafunction. The presence of opposing occlusally balanced metal frameworks provides a physical metal barrier between the jaws and perhaps provides some protection to the teeth and in some cases may discourage these habits.

Unfortunately the forces associated with bruxism and jaw parafunction may be so extreme as to lead to the distortion and destruction of even the Somnowell cast chrome cobalt devices. Such damage is not covered by the Somnwell warantee. At least it is better to wreck the device rather than the teeth and associated structures. The Somnowell Clear is contraindicated in patients who have bruxism and jaw parafunction.

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