What is it About OSA That Seems to Predict Heart Risks?

thinking womanObstructive sleep apnoea is a disorder characterized by breathing pauses and reduction of ventilation during sleep. It can give rise to numerous medical complications such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Its severity is measured by the number of times a person stops breathing during sleep, also known as the the apnoea-hypopnoea index, or AHI.

An article from http://www.snorecentre.com has outlined why sleep apnoea can increase heart disease risks.

  • The amount of time spent sleeping when the oxygen saturation was below 90 percent is predictive of cardiovascular events.

  • Other elements associated with a cardiovascular event included heart rate, daytime sleepiness, number of awakenings during the night, sleep time and leg movements.

  • While the apnoea-hypopnoea index was associated with cardiovascular events when it was looked at by itself, it was no longer considered a significant predictor once all the other elements were factored in.

  • Researchers believe a revision of the operative definition of OSA may be necessary, to reflect not simply the frequency of apnoeas and hypopnoeas, but the actual physiologic consequences that result — the severity of oxygen desaturation, sleep fragmentation, sleep deprivation and sympathetic activation.

  • Sleep fragmentation, oxygen desaturation, sleep deprivation and sympathetic activation are said to be more predictive of cardiovascular risk.

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