Tired of Snoring? Here’s How You Can Say Goodbye to It

tiredSnoring is not at all harmless. It is also considered a sleep disorder and usually results from an obstruction in the airway. The result is a hoarse sound coming out of the mouth. This is because during sleep the muscles in the tongue, throat and roof of the mouth relax. This muscle relaxation causes throat tissues to sag and when one breathes; these sagged tissues narrow the airway and vibrate or flutter, creating the sound of snoring.

An article from http://www.lifehacker.co.in  has offered some tips on how to get rid of snoring and sleep apnoea.

  • Avoid alcohol. Too much consumption of alcohol before bedtime can lead to snoring. Alcohol acts as a sedative and relaxes throat muscles which obstruct the airway while sleeping and causes snoring.

  • Avoid sedatives or sleeping pills. Pills can excessively relax the muscles and causes the obstruction in nose passage.

  • Treat nasal congestion. If you are snoring due to nasal blockage, then take treatment to open the airways. Avoid using oral or spray decongestant for more than three days. Consult your doctor to get medicine prescribed for treating nasal congestion. Treatment will be given as per the cause and severity of blockage.

  • Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your side may reduce snoring. If you are lying on your back or on your stomach this can be stressful on your neck.

  • Lose weight. Reduce pressure from your airway by reducing weight. Excess body weight especially around the neck puts pressure on the airway and causes difficulty in breathing.

  • Use a mouth guard. If your snoring problem is severe, then you can consider buying a mouth guard. It holds the teeth together and keeps the lower jaw muscles from becoming too relaxed.

  • Maintain a sleep schedule. Keep your sleeping time on schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. This will help you in regularising your sleep cycle and you will get more sound sleep.

  • Elevate your head. Sleeping with your head raised may take some of the pressure off of the airway, making breathing easier. Raise the head of the bed by putting blocks under the bed posts, or prop up your upper body with pillows.

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