Survey: Sleep Disorders Common in Kids

kidsJyoti Krishna, MD and colleagues at the Sleep Disorders Center at the Cleveland Clinic undertook a survey at two health clinics in Cleveland. They  surveyed parents and sought to find out if their children experienced troubled sleep. The specific aspects they wanted to know was whether the children snored or woke up frequently at night.

The researchers worked with a group of 300 respondents at the two clinics, Independence Family Health Clinic (180 surveys) and the Willoughby Family Health Clinic (120 surveys). The surveys completed as the parents waited for pediatric attention in the waiting room in each of the clinics.

The questionnaire asked questions which sought to find out if the parent thought their child had a sleep disorder. If a sleep disorder was present, how did it affect the health of the child and how did it affect family life.

The identified problems at the two clinics respectively were:

    Bedtime problems: 18.9% and 22.5%
    Excessive daytime sleepiness: 13.9% and 13.3%
    Nocturnal sleep disturbances: 20% and 9.2%
    Poor regularity of sleep: 17.2% and 27.5%
    Snoring: 18.7% and 11.7%

A summary of these results from the 300 respondents at the two clinics is that 21.3% reported irregular sleep as a problem, 13.7% reported snoring as the problem, while 5% reported that these two problems affected both the health of the child and the quality of family life.

Krishna presenting at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting said that sleep disorders appeared to be very common in the population involved in the study. It is also evident said Krishna that parents feared that sleep disorders in the child affect the health of the child and affected family life as well. The researchers from the information collected were not able to identify whether the sleep disorders in children were more of a problem to the child or to the parents.

The researchers said that it was easy to screen for sleep disorders through the use of BEARS questionnaires. This can be useful in bridging the big gap that exists between sleep disorder screening rates for pediatric primary care providers and the prevalence of the disorders in the population.

The researchers caution that sleep disorders should be evaluated by a health professionals because parents may label any sleep disturbance as a disorder, particularly if it interrupts their own sleep.

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