Snoring – Its Causes And How You Can Treat It

blowing noseSnoring is defined as an unpleasant sound coming from the nose and mouth while a person is breathing. This grunting sound is caused by the vibration on the tissues of the mouth, soft palate, throat and nose. Snoring is often caused by the instability or partial blockage inside the airways. The partial blockage may be present anywhere between the nose and the vocal chords.

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Causes of snoring:

  • Sinus and nasal problems. Due to sinus problems the airways get blocked and create difficulties in inhalation, because of which a vacuum is created in the throat and which leads to snoring.

  • Overweight problems. Because of fatty tissue and improper muscle tone, snoring happens.

  • Age problem. As you reach middle age, your throat can start becoming narrower and the muscle tone also starts changing.

  • Alcohol and medications. Because of smoking, certain medications and consumption of alcohol, respiratory muscles relax.

  • Wrong sleeping posture. Your muscles become relaxed because of sleeping flat on your back.

Treatment for snoring

  • Losing weight. Fatty tissue can be reduced by even losing a little bit of weight.

  • Quitting smoking. Smoking causes blockage in your airways by irritating the soft tissues and membranes of the throat and nose.

  • Avoiding sleeping pills and alcohol. To stop snoring one must avoid sleeping pills and alcohol.

  • Proper sleeping posture. You should avoid sleeping on your back, as it makes your throat muscles relax.

  • Clearing your nasal passage. Because of blocked nasal passages a vacuum is created in your throat, leading to snoring.

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