Sleep Deprivation: Here’s What Can Happen

depressedWhat can insomnia do to you and to your health? This is a common question among many of us. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults should get between seven and nine hours of shut-eye per night, with that number going up or down depending on age. If people are deprived of sleep, there is an increased risk of accident and injury. Lack of sleep has been linked with some of the world's great tragedies, including Chernobyl, the Challenger explosion and Three Mile Island.

An article from has written about some things that can happen to you if you are continuously deprived of sleep.

  • You might become depressed. This relationship is complex, because sleep deprivation can be both a cause and result of depression. Research suggests, however, that the risk of developing depression is highest among people with sleep disorders.

  • You could experience sleep paralysis. Often described as a "walking nightmare," it is caused by the disruption of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep which, in turn, is caused by insomnia, stress and anxiety.

  • You might gain weight. Sleep is directly related to three hormones that control hunger. The first is cortisol, that "fight or flight" hormone that can also make us look puffy, interfere with glucose levels, act foggy and moody, and spread those waistlines. The second and third includes the hormones ghrelin and leptin.

  • You'll lower your immunity. JAMA Internal Medicine reports a study with 300 people given the rhinovirus (cold virus); it was found that those who got less than 7.5 hours of sleep were much more susceptible to catching something.

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