The Sleep Apnoea Witch Hunt

cup of tea and coffeeRecently there is a move to test truckers and pilot for sleep apnoea, especially those with a Body Mass Index of 35 or more, who snore, have high blood pressure and are Hispanic or African-American. An article from tells about some facts about sleep apnoea and the witch hunt.

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and the Medical Review Board have declared war on drivers with a BMI of 35 or more, even though they admit it might be a BMI of 30 or maybe even 40, that plays a role in sleep apnoea.

  • There are no true statistics to provide this hunt with facts. The National Institute of Health “estimates” that 18 million people, about 4 percent of men and 2 percent of women between the ages of 30 and 60, have sleep apnoea. If 18 million sounds high, consider that 30 million have insomnia.

  • The FMCSA combined their data with the data from the UPenn sleep study in an attempt to confirm that sleep apnoea increased truck driving accidents. The results - sleep apnoea did not show a statistical increase in motor vehicle accidents. The data did show however that younger, inexperienced commercial drivers are at an increased risk of causing commercial motor vehicle accidents.

  • There are a number of symptoms and triggers associated with sleep apnoea that you should be aware of:

    • A Body Mass Index above 30, 35 or 40 (no exact BMI has been proven to be the magic number)

    • Loud snoring (snoring itself does not automatically qualify you)

    • Interruption of breathing while sleeping (five or more times during one sleeping cycle)

    • Feeling tired during the day

    • Consuming caffeine to keep alert

    • Smoking

    • High blood pressure (although this could be more related to obesity than sleep apnoea)

    • Diabetes (although this could be more related to obesity than sleep apnoea)

    • Being male (although females can also have sleep apnoea)

    • Being African-American or Hispanic

    • Depression

    • Headaches

    • Being between 40 and 60 years of age (although children can also be effected and those over 60 see a drop in sleep apnoea cases)

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