Sleep Apnoea Symptoms And Risks to Be Aware of

headacheSleep apnoea is a common medical condition affecting the way a person breathes during sleep. Although it leads to dangerous medical complications, most people do not take it seriously or do not even know that they have sleep apnoea. An article from talks about sleep apnoea symptoms and risk factors. 

One of the most common symptoms that sleep apnoea sufferers report is feeling tired and not getting enough sleep.
Snoring is another common symptom of sleep apnoea and although the sufferer may not be aware that he or she is snoring, a partner or family member may make them aware of it.
Other common symptoms of sleep apnoea include mouth breathing, morning headaches, night sweats and restlessness.
Sleep apnoea can be a sign of other health problems including congestive heart failure.
Excess weight, age, family history, asthma, smoking and nasal congestion can all cause sleep apnoea.

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