Sleep Apnoea – Do You Have It?

wonderingObstructive sleep apnoea is becoming a common disorder. This problem causes an increased rate of deaths from abnormal heart rhythms, as well as low oxygen levels that can produce cardiac and brain side effects. An article from has tackled some facts on sleep apnoea and how to know whether you have this disorder or not.

  • You will know that you have sleep apnoea if you have fatigue and daytime sleepiness due to not getting sufficient sleep at night.

  • Sleep apnoea is associated with an increased risk of side effects from surgery including pulmonary and cardiac complications which can prolong hospitalizations and even cause death.

  • After operations, sleep apnoea patients should have treatment with PAP (positive airway pressure) to reduce the risk of complications.  It is also suggested that such patients might be observed for longer time before discharge in order to reduce the risk of respiratory failure.  Some patients might even have to be admitted over night, but knowing that a patient has sleep apnoea before they go to surgery is important.

  • You should ask your physician if it is possible that you can have sleep apnoea.  This is especially important if you have daytime sleepiness or periods of awakening at night.

  • If you snore at night, are obese, or have high blood pressure (even if it is under control with medicine) be certain to ask your physician to evaluate you for sleep apnoea.

  • If you have sleep apnoea, make certain that the surgeon and anaesthesiologist know about it before you have an operation.

  • If you are going to have an operation, be certain that you ask the anaesthesiologist if you have any symptoms of sleep apnoea and if a sleep test should be performed prior to surgery.

  • Specifically ask the surgeon and anaesthesiologist if you should have PAP after the operation in the recovery room.

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