The Signs of Sleep Apnoea

tired womanSleep apnoea is a breathing disorder and also a sleeping problem. This condition can give rise to restful sleep. This is because with sleep apnoea, your breathing patterns are disrupted and sleep gets disturbed. In this way, sleep apnoea can be dangerous to your health. This is why you have to be aware of its signs and symptoms.

An article from has elaborated several signs of sleep apnoea.

  • Gasping or choking while sleeping. Experts say that this is because you are trying to put air into your lungs.

  • You usually stop breathing several times when sleeping.

  • Snoring loudly. This is said to be a sign that you are having hard time breathing.

  • Suddenly waking up to breathe. Or, you may notice that upon waking up, you have began to sweat.

  • Feeling unrefreshed during the night’s sleep and falling asleep at inopportune moments during the day.

Here are some of the causes of sleep apnoea:

  • Obesity. When a person is overweight, it is said that he has a harder time breathing because of the excess weight

  • Poor posture during sleep

  • Some distinct physical features, such as a receding chin, large tonsils or tongue, or a deviated septum

  • Nasal congestion due to colds, allergies or sinusitis

  • Smoking, or the use of alcohol or sedative drugs

  • Aging

Here are some suggestions of you have sleep apnoea:

  • Sleep on your side instead of on your back, or use specialty beddings such as pillows or mattresses that are especially tailor made to bring about comfort while sleeping. It may also help if you raise your head by four to six inches, as this could ease breathing.

  • Keep a regular sleep schedule. Perhaps the reason why you are experiencing sleep apnoea is because you sometimes sleep so late. Keep a daily schedule and stick to it, so you could also maintain regular sleeping hours.

  • Start losing at least ten percent of your weight, if you are obese.

  • Quit smoking, alcohol, and sedative drugs. And then, try using nasal sprays or dilators just right before you sleep to help open your nasal passages.

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