Jet-Lag Is Given the Swerve by Adjusting Meal Times on the Ground, Find Researchers

jet lagCabin crews are most likely group to suffer from jet lag due to the frequent and rapid travel across different time zones. Besides jet lag, they will suffer from other symptoms such as impaired cognitive performance, fatigue and moodiness.

Key takeaways:

· Normally, cabin crews tend to rely on sleep strategies such as sleeping in a dark room to fight off jet lag. These strategies do not help to reset their body clocks.

·  A new study reveals that jet lag in long haul cabin crew can be eased by altering and regulating meal times during their days off.

·  Further research is required to find out if the timing and the content of meals could have positive results in alleviating jet lag.

“It will be interesting to conduct further research to see whether the positive effects shown through a regular eating plan persists for a longer follow up period and whether the effect is down simply to regular meals or whether timing and what you eat has an effect.”

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