How to Stop Snoring

fat womanThe night should be the part of the day which should be the most peaceful and quiet. However not all people enjoy the good benefits of sleeping, especially snorers. Snoring occurs when the air flows past the relaxed tissues in your throat. This causes the tissues to vibrate when you breathe resulting in snoring. An article from offers several tips on how to stop snoring.

  • Drinking alcohol before bed is a common cause of snoring. If you want to avoid keeping everyone up all night, it is a good idea to stop drinking at least three hours before going to bed. This can make the snoring stop.

  • Taking certain medications before bed can also cause snoring. Antihistamines and sedatives can cause a person to snore. If it is possible, avoiding these medications at bedtime can make the snoring stop.

  • People who are overweight are much more likely to snore than those who are not. If you lose weight, your snoring problem could cease. Not only will you stop snoring, you will be much healthier overall.

  • Exercise is an excellent tool when you are trying to stop snoring. If you are snoring due to your weight, exercise will help you lose the weight. Exercise can also strengthen and tone your neck muscles which can stop you from snoring.

  • The way that you sleep at night is a huge factor when it comes to snoring. Most people snore only when they sleep on their back. If you want to stop snoring, try to sleep on your side. Many people can start out sleeping on their side, only to wake up on their back.

  • There are pillows available that are especially made to keep you on your back while you sleep. In many cases, the simple change of sleeping position can stop your snoring.

  • When you go to sleep, it is a good idea to use a humidifier. Having a humidifier going in the room will keep the room moist and may stop you from snoring.

  • If you suffer from any allergies, it is a good idea to keep the allergens out of your bedroom. If you have an allergy to your pet, keep the animals out of the bedroom at all times. Even if you do not let them sleep in the room, they can leave their fur behind on the blankets when they are lying there during the day.

  • One tool that many snorers find effective are snoring mouthguards. These mouthguards are worn while you are sleeping and in most cases, they can stop the snoring for good. Snoring mouthguards can be purchased at most pharmacies, online, or can be provided to you by your doctor or dentist. If you have tried everything else, do not give up. A snoring mouthguard can be effective when every other method failed.

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