How Snoring and Sleep Problems Can Cause Heart Conditions

checking throatSleep quality is essential for maintaining good health so that energy may be replenished and the mind may be invigorated. Sleep can also balance hormones, enhance metabolism, strengthen the immune system, enhance brain performance and supports growth and development. An article from talks about how snoring and other sleep problems can cause heart conditions.
Lack of sleep can lead to several heart-related conditions which include:
High blood pressure
Chest pain
Hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis or cholesterol-clogged arteries)                                

Heart attack
Coronary heart disease
Congestive heart failure
Congenital heart defects
Studies have shown that habitual loud snorers are at a considerably higher risk of developing heart disease and stroke as compared to people who never or rarely snore.
Certain factors such as obesity, smoking, consumption of alcohol, allergic reactions, and muscle relaxing antidepressants and sedatives are known to increase the risk of persistent snoring.
 If not treated, snoring usually gets worse over time, causing the muscles to get weaker and making it harder to keep the airways open.
Medical treatment for sleep disorders may involve the following:
Weight loss if you are overweight.
Avoiding drugs/habits that increase the risk of sleep apnoea such as sleeping pills, sedatives, alcohol, and tobacco smoking.
Using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) -- a slightly pressurized mask is fit over the nose or over the nose and mouth to hold the airway open and allow the patient to sleep normally.
Surgery on the upper airway (if your doctor thinks you are a candidate for surgery) -- enlarging the air passage by removing the uvula and some of the surrounding tissue.
Wearing a dental device or mouth guard that is designed to move the lower jaw slightly down and outwards helps keep the airway open during sleep.
Getting a polysomnogram -- a sleep study that is usually done overnight in a sleep centre.

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