How to Sleep Better in 30 Days

The commitment to getting better sleep quality is for many people a life changing goal. changing bad sleeping habits may seem daunting but it will call for an assessment of your sleep and the identification of areas that must be improved. Improving your sleep needs a time when your life is not in a state of upheaval.

To get better quality sleep, sleep at the same time every day, do away with electronic devices in the bedroom, know the differences between sleepiness and fatigue, avoid laying awake in bed by going to bed only when sleepy, manage stress, quit smoking, cut out the caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, and finally make sleep a priority when it is time for bed.

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Somnowell Inventor - Visiting Professor Simon Ash FDS MSc MOrth BDS

Prof. Ash is the inventor of the highly successful SOMNOWELL Chrome device for snoring and sleep apnoea.

The Somnowell Chrome is made to exacting standards in the Somnowell laboratory under the supervision of Visiting Professor Simon Ash. Prof. Ash and his master technicians create each Somnowell Chrome device using their wealth of experience and expertise.

Prof. Ash works at the forefront of his profession. He is a Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience, with a special interest in sleep related breathing disorders, TMJD, and bruxism. He currently works in Harley Street London and two private hospitals in London as part of a multi-disciplinary team managing snoring and sleep apnoea, and is Visiting Professor of Orthodontics at the BPP University.