How to Improve Your Sleep

sleep 5Have you recently experienced poor sleep? You are not alone. A stressful modern lifestyle can lead to loss of sleep. We often take sleep for granted because we are more concerned about our work. However, recent research has shown that sleep could reduce the risk of diabetes by improving the body's insulin response and by helping remove sugar from the bloodstream. 

Sleep is the time when the body replenishes its raw materials and nutrients. During sleep the body repairs itself from stress and damage. If we continuously lose sleep every now and then, the body would compensate for it by increasing its steroid levels. These steroid levels increase blood sugar levels in the body, increasing the risk for type 2 diabetes.

So how do you improve your sleep? One tip is to avoid sleeping late or sleeping too much during weekends. Through this, you may disrupt your body clock, lower your sleep pressure and may even reduce the time spent in deep sleep the following night.

Next, you should stop indulging in too much alcohol. Alcohol may cause you to experience lighter sleep and more awakenings as it is metabolized and cleared from the body.

Third, once in bed, you should think about the next day, plan your activities for tomorrow and set your mind at rest. Do not be afraid to let yourself go during sleep and avoid worrying. Also, only go to bed when you are sleepy. Shorter sleep may sometimes mean better quality sleep.

For some people, cognitive behavioral therapy may help. This is the most effective solution according to most experts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy trains people to use techniques that address the mental factors associated with insomnia, and helps establish a healthy sleep pattern.

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