Healthbeat: Sleep Your Way to Weight Loss

sleeping womanA number of studies now confirm that people who sleep less are more likely to be overweight. The results of poor sleep habits and sleep deprivation are adverse changes in body hormones responsible for the regulation of appetite and fullness. Poor sleep may also cause lifestyle changes which encourage weight gain.

Adequate sleep on the other hand means that people are in good moods, focused, and will be keen to follow up with exercise and physical activity. Adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep every night according to the National Sleep Foundation. This is essential for the release of hormones responsible for growth, development and overall good body and mental health.

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Somnowell Inventor - Visiting Professor Simon Ash FDS MSc MOrth BDS

Prof. Ash is the inventor of the highly successful SOMNOWELL Chrome device for snoring and sleep apnoea.

The Somnowell Chrome is made to exacting standards in the Somnowell laboratory under the supervision of Visiting Professor Simon Ash. Prof. Ash and his master technicians create each Somnowell Chrome device using their wealth of experience and expertise.

Prof. Ash works at the forefront of his profession. He is a Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience, with a special interest in sleep related breathing disorders, TMJD, and bruxism. He currently works in Harley Street London and two private hospitals in London as part of a multi-disciplinary team managing snoring and sleep apnoea, and is Visiting Professor of Orthodontics at the BPP University.