Dr Oz Details Insomnia’s Link to Diabetes

tumericInsomnia or the lack of sleep can lead to serious serious health issues like diabetes or depression. In the 16th January episode of the Dr Oz Show, Dr Oz said that lack of sleep “could be the first signal your body sends that something is wrong”. Here are some insights from the story:

  • If you suspect that you may have diabetes-induced sleep apnoea, you should watch out for these symptoms: waking up three or four times a night to urinate, night sweats and thirst even after drinking a glass of water.

  • Shift workers like nurses and police officers are most at risk for diabetes-induced insomnia.

  • Depression-induced sleep apnoea symptoms include having racing thoughts that keep up you at night, recurring bad dreams and sensitivity to noise, such as a ticking clock.

  • A third reason for your insomnia could be sleep apnoea, which is a sleep disorder characterized by irregular or shallow breathing.

  • While sleep apnoea is often considered a men's health issue, many women suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnoea. You need to get tested for sleep apnoea is you wake up with a racing heart, have a headache in the morning as soon as you wake up, and falling asleep anywhere during the day.

  • The spice turmeric is a natural mood booster that has also been shown to prevent cancer, inflammation, joint pain, and enhance weight loss.

  • Curcumin (the raw ingredient in turmeric) treats depression better than prescription drugs. Curcumin supplements are more effective than cooking with turmeric. Make sure the curcumin supplement contains 95% curcuminoids. Take two tablespoons of turmeric a day to get the same effect as a curcumin supplement.

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