Different Treatment Options for Children Suffering With Sleep Apnoea

kid jumpingSleep apnoea may bring about various medical complications, however this illness may be more challenging in children. If you notice your child has signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea, it is best that you take him or her to a physician so that he or she may be evaluated. An article from http://medicdiaries.com elaborates on some treatment options for sleep apnoea in children.

  • While it should only be used in certain situations or as a last resort, surgery is often an option for children with severe sleep apnoea that cannot be properly treated through the use of other methods. These surgery procedures are conducted to remove the tonsils or the adenoids.

  • Another less invasive option is to consider getting your child a CPAP mask to use at night. CPAP stands for a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. Your child would need to wear the mask in bed which is attached to a pump that will continuously blow air into your child’s nose throughout the night while he or she is sleeping to maintain normal breathing patterns and keep your child safe.

  • Change the child’s lifestyle to see if that can improve the symptoms of sleep apnoea that he or she may be experiencing. Sometimes children are able to treat their sleep apnoea effectively by losing weight if obesity is causing the sleep apnoea symptoms or manifestation. This lifestyle change can be achieved through maintaining a healthy diet and appropriate exercise regimen.

  • Another lifestyle change that could help may include having your child sleep on his or her back instead of on the belly or side.

  • Try making sure that your child sticks to a regular sleep schedule to keep his or her sleep schedule and patterns consistent. When schedules are sporadic or your child isn’t getting enough sleep at night, the symptoms may become worsened or more profound.

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