Dealing with Pediatric Sleep Disorders

darkOften parents are worried of bedwetting, sleepwalking and night terrors affecting their children. However, some experts claim that these sleep disturbances are actually part of the normal developmental process in children. Experts say that these children will normally outgrow these sleep disturbances as time goes on.

However, the same experts say that there may be instances when these sleeping problems cannot be resolved except by a sleep specialist. These sleep problems should be managed by a health care professional when they affect the safety of a child, such as when sleep walking can make a child go out in the middle of the street, when these problems affected daytime functioning, and when the lack of sleep disrupts regular family routines.

So what are the most common sleeping problems in children which may warrant consult to a health care professional? According to an article at, here are some of them:

  • Obstructive sleep apnoea. This medical condition can cause snoring in a child. Some cases of obstructive sleep apnoea in children can be treated with tonsillectomy. Snoring associated with obstructive sleep apnoea can cause excessive daytime sleepiness and can lower test scores of kids in class.

  • Acid reflux. Acid reflux is a condition which causes a burning sensation in the stomach. This problem needs to be addressed. Children may not complain of symptoms of acid reflux, yet may cause sleep problems because they could wake up and scream every night.

  • Restless leg syndrome. Children with restless legs syndrome often have ADHD. This condition can give rise to growing pains which can disturb sleep at night. Restless legs syndrome may also be associated with other medical disorders such as iron deficiency, which are often treatable.

There are other sleep disorders in children which have various underlying causes and which are very treatable.

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