Causes and Treatment of Snoring

sweet sleepWhy do people snore? The problem with snoring is that it might be another manifestation of a deeper problem known as sleep apnoea. An article from has offered several facts about snoring.

  • Snoring can be caused by irregular or blocked airflow due to a passageway blockage is usually due to any of the following causes: sleeping on one's back, which might cause one’s tongue to drop to the back of the mouth; an improperly positioned jaw, which is usually caused by tension in the muscles or the gathering of fat inside and around the throat.

  • Sleep apnoea may also be cause by obstruction in the nasal passageway.

  • It may also be brought about by throat weakness leading the throat to close during sleep.

  • It may also be caused by the touching of the tissues at the top of airways, leading to vibrations in the throat.

  • Medications that lead to enhanced relaxation of muscles during sleep can cause snoring

  • In children, enlarged adenoids or tonsils is a common cause.

  • Treatment of snoring involves clearing the blockage in the breathing passage.

  • Losing weight can reduce fat inside and around the throat.

  • Stopping smoking can strengthen and unclog the throat.

  • Sleeping on one side can avoid blockage of the throat by the tongue.

  • A common treatment for snoring is the use of specially made dental appliances called mandibular advancement splints, which advance the lower jaw slightly forward and hence pull the tongue forward, thereby clearing the pathway of the throat.

  • Snoring mouthpieces or snoring mouth guards are devices designed to adjust the mouth in such a way that the pathway of the throat remains clear, hence treating snoring as long as they are being used.

  • Removing tissues from the throat through surgery is also an available treatment method for snoring.

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