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Snorers at Increased Risk of Cancer

Researchers in the US looked at 1500 people in a study of sleep problems. Those with severe sleep disordered breathing were almost 5 times more likely to develop cancer. By far the most common type of SDB was sleep apnoea.

Mr Michael Oko Calls for Screening of Lorry Drivers

In this news coverage from the BBC Mr Mike Oko from the Snoring Disorders Centre in Lincolnshire UK calls for haulage companies to screen their drivers.

Temperomandibular Jaw Pain Dysfunction

Causes Multi factorial, life style, stress, trauma to the joints muscles or jaws. Unbalanced bites especially jaw displacements, muscle spasm. Aggravating factors Lifestyle e.g lack of sleep, disturbed sleep, cold environment, life’s stresses Trauma, changes in the mouth e.g. new restorations, loss of teeth, high fillings, jaw displacements. Dietary factors e.g. drinks with stimulants, red

Snoring and Wedding Rings

Wedding rings, those outward signs of commitment and endearment are attractive, long lasting items of hand jewellery. On the wedding day are then worn indefinitely as a sign of love and fidelity. Any newly wed will tell you that the ring took a couple of days to get used to but then became an invaluable