Specialist Oral Devices

Specialist mandibular advancement appliances (MAA) are made from plastic and need to be ordered and fitted by a dental professional. Some dental professionals will supply their own in-house MAA. While other dental professionals will supply a branded MAA from a company specializing in these products. Prices range from £300 to £1,500.

Some specialist MAA's are becoming more sophisticated in design as the effectiveness of MAA's in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea and problematic snoring becomes more widely appreciated around the world.

The use of plastic as the main material means the design of these MAA's must rely on the teeth and gums as the primary restrainer of the lower jaw. This can cause some soreness of the teeth and gums, along with occasional movement of the teeth.

Specialist plastic MAA's are designed to last typically for up to 18-36 months. As a long term solution for problematic snoring or sleep apnoea this can make them very expensive. Furthermore each time the device needs replacing new appointments normally need to be scheduled.

It is an often over looked fact that plastic itself is not a recommended material for use in the mouth over an extended period of time. Plastic absorbs water and has a tendency to become unhygienic and brittle over time, making them more prone to breakages.