Low Cost Oral Devices

Low cost mandibular advancement appliances (MAA) are available from a wide variety of retailers and in an equally wide range of designs.

Low cost MAA range in price from £50 to £100 and generally look much the same. They are typically made from a plastic type material called EVA polymer. With a low production cost and a one size fits all approach, these low cost MAA's have flooded the increasingly competitive market.

A variation on the low cost MAA is the boil-and-bite MAS. These use thermoplastics that enable the user to heat the plastic and then bite into it with the aim of making a set of impressions of the teeth.

However the one size fits all approach and absence of a professional fitting means that there is often limited effectiveness, unwanted side effects, and low compliance.

Many low cost MAA's are bulky and take up a considerable amount of tongue space. By forcing the tongue backwards the main purpose of the MAA is compromised. They low cost MAA's often restrict jaw movement and sometimes lock the jaws shut. Some only allow breathing through the nose. Others only allow breathing through the nose.

Typically the low cost MAA will by design exert pressure against the teeth and gums. This can lead to unwanted to tooth movements and gum irritation. These plastic and polymer devices are not ideal for long term oral use. Over time they can become unsightly and unhygienic, potentially damaging the teeth and gums.

Unfortunately low cost MAA's are very limited in what they can offer your unique jaw alignment, jaw size, and teeth arrangement. This can greatly reduce the level of comfort achieved and therefore the compliance. A badly managed jaw positioning will often lead to jaw discomfort and pain.