"I would recommend this device to anyone who suffers from snoring - it is worth every penny." - Jonathan Davies OBE

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Somnowell Ambassador: Jonathan Davies OBE (Former British Rugby Player) Device fitted by Dr Matthew White
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Visiting Professor Simon Ash BDS MSc DOrth MOrth FDS

The Somnowell was invented by Visiting Professor Simon Ash, a highly respected Consultant and Specialist Orthodontist with over 30 years clinical experience, who has successfully treated thousands of patients, including doctors, dentists, lawyers, professors, celebrities, and royalty.

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    Dr. John L Farringer III, DDS, Board Certified, The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

    I have been practicing dental sleep medicine for over 10 years and can confidently state that the Somnowell device is the most comfortable oral appliance available for the treatment of OSA. It eliminates the three main complaints patients have with plastic devices: 1. Foul odor 2. Obstructed tongue space 3. Uncomfortable and bulky. I wear my Somnowell every night.

    Dr. Brian Clarke, Bayswater Dental Practice

    Being a snorer myself, I’d tried plastic appliances which were “a mouthful” and not well tolerated. Then I was introduced to the Somnowell Chrome … it was a revelation. Over the last 10 years, I’ve treated nearly 200 patients with the Somnowell. Even patients that had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and snoring and advised to use CPAP, have been successfully treated using the Somnowell. I highly recommend it.